An Update

I’ve been working 12-14 hours a day since the start of the new year with no days off to get my new company TrueSelf off the ground.

All that despite a rough common cold I picked up from the New Years all-nighter.

I just draw on Michael Jordan’s infamous flu game for inspiration.

We’re getting very close to releasing a lot of work that’s been in the pipeline.

An Online Class entitled the Personality Advantage System: Introductory Course will be coming out next week.

Essentially, it is an introduction to the 9 Types of the Enneagram.

My co-founders Katherine Fauvre and Nick Connor will be doing a Live Q&A about the Intro Course on Tuesday at 2pm live on FB, as well as on Zoom.

Our free personality test is also almost done, which will assess your Primary Enneagram Type, Tritype and Instinctual stacking, with far more accuracy than any other Enneagram test ever made.

A lot of love, blood, sweat and tears has gone into this over the last few months — and the many decades of work members of our team have put in that lead up to this.

Master Classes, Brand Identity, Coaching Programs, and full-featured web applications coming soon after.

Stay tuned.

The Gift of Near-Death Experiences

Many in Hawaii just received this message texted to phones:


It turned out to be a false alarm.

Personally, I see this error as a gift.

Steve Jobs captures why quite beautifully:

“Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything — all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”

Unfortunately, most people who have encountered this quote kept it at arms length.

They haven’t really taken the time to internalize the reality that they could be dead soon.

That is the beauty of what those in Hawaii just experienced.

It felt unequivocally real.

If it said, “This IS a drill”, the real-ness would have vanished.

The key is to use this experience of potential impending death to transform your life and burn away all that is false and non-essential rather than contracting into fear and trauma.

I have meditated on my death for many years.

Often repeating the mantra, “I’m already dead. I’m already dead.”

And have experienced unmistakable physiological changes during and after the mantra repetition as a result.

As such, I am prepared to die at any moment.

This prepares me to not just to leave my physical body, passing into the Bardo equinanimously, but also fearlessly take on whatever challenge I must.

Additionally it enables me to do what Eric Thomas said is the most important thing required for success. “to be able at any moment to sacrifice what you are, for what you will become.”

Of course, I have the benefit of knowing that death is merely a transitory state, one that is expansive and painless if you can relax into it.

I know death is an experience my soul has been through millions of times before.

As has yours.

Even if doubt clouds your recognition.

I would consider it a bummer if I died tomorrow.

I still have much to fulfill in my karmic contract and have set large energetic waves in motion that I would like to see come to fruition.

But I would accept my fate and begin preparing for the next life like a champion readying for a new season.

So use any near death experience you have in your life to get in deeper touch with your True Nature.

And take inspiration from other’s near death experiences to move beyond your own fear of death now.

Why Becoming Great at Dancing is an Ultimate Entrepreneurial Resource

As Tony Robbins preaches, the reason you fail at achieving your goals is never about not having enough resources.

You didn’t fail because you didn’t have enough money, enough time, or the right contacts.

“Resources are never the problem, the reason for failure is a lack of resourcefulness”.

And what does he say the ultimate resources are:

Emotional states.

And what determines your Emotional State?

In large part, your Physical State.

“Motion creates emotion”.

Slumped shoulders = depression and lethargy.

Straight spine, shoulders rolled back = confidence.

So what is one of the best ways to get in a peak physical and emotional state?

Put some music on and dance.

Become great at dancing whatever emotions want to move through you.

Banish self-consciousness. Banish doubt. Banish fear.

Through your dancing.

And you’ll have the Ultimate Resource in no time.

The Post-Hippie Integralists Shall Inherit the Earth

There are so many things wrong with this ignorant article making the rounds:

‘You can’t stop consenting adults from being stupid,’ Marler said. ‘But we should at least try.’

This is a rather analogous situation to the criticism of Sam Harris I wrote last week.

Scientific/Rational/Technophiles resting in Intellectual Superiority while making fun of the supposedly idiot hippies…when they are actually committing idiocy through Scientific Reductionism.

Look the Scientific Culture may get their rocks off making fun of the Hippy Dippy Crunchy Granola Hippies. But they’re the fucking Neanderthals here.

This group literally represents a lower level of development in developmental psychology, on a dozen different psychometric scales.

(Orange/Green if you know Spiral Dynamics or invariant Integral Developmental Psychology)

However the Scientific/Rationalist level of development loves competition. So what I’m trying to impress with many of my posts is that there is actually a competitive advantage to the higher levels of development,

…That comprise ‘Trans-Rational Thinking” and “Non-Duality and Awakening via Meditation”…so y’all should actually invest the time and energy to get to these higher stages to remain Evolutionarily Relevant.

The Scientific Rationalists think they’re winning because the hippies in the level right above them are usually not very good at rationalist language.

Unfortunately for them, I am very good with scientific, rationalist language and concepts and am multiple levels above both the Scientific Rationalists and the Post-Modern Hippies.

And can easily run Intellectual Circles around these undeservedly intellectually arrogant scientific rationalists…like a Spiritual Conor McGregor Knocking out of Reigning Champ Jose Aldo in 13 seconds…

So let’s breakdown their idiocy and competitive inferiority:

1) I actually drink this water and get it delivered to my home every 2 weeks. I know this water is better than average water and even better than other spring water because I can Fucking Taste It.

Here’s my raw water and less-expensive spring water:

My home water setup – Raw Spring Water on the left & Mayacamas Spring Water on the right

I even ran blind taste tests with myself and friends.

Yes, Rationalists, how something tastes is a valid epistemological method of knowing.

Learn to use the amazing precise measuring tool that is YOUR BODY and all of its beautiful sensory apparatuses. It is actually far more powerful than most scientific measuring devices if you learn how to use it properly. And it’s real-time!

2) They irrationally fear all bacteria. There is a germaphobe mentality to this critique. When in reality, the gut requires billions of good bacteria to function properly and optimally. This is called pro-biotics. And this water contains lots of these good bacteria.

3) This article wasn’t even fact checked. Might as well call it FAKE NEWS. Why bitch about ‘stupid hippies drinking raw water’ if no one has even gotten sick yet?

Live Water says, “We’ve been selling raw spring water for 3 years, and not one single person has ever gotten sick from the water we bottle
The FDA arrived to our bottling facility on Friday, and they confirmed everything we are doing is completely safe.”

4) Poverty mindset of being unwilling to invest in health

“OMG this water is $50…I can get free water from my tap LOLOLOLO”

Ok, our bodies are composed of ~70% water, why would I not spend $50-100 a month on one of the largest input sources to my feeling of well-being and productivity.

Are these people not willing to invest in improving themselves?

The problem probably goes back to (1)…they are so in their head they have no felt sense of their body so can’t tell that this water actually makes them feel better.

Net Net — People who are stuck in their heads and unable to read sensorial signals from the body are significantly evolutionarily maladaptive in 2018 and over the next few decades will dramatically lose the Memetic Natural Selection Culture War with the Post-Hippie Integralists.

So your best option is to stop spouting stupid shit and just do the personal development work to get access to Trans-Rational Non-Dual Awakened Awareness that is Competitively Fueled by Raw Water.

Mystic Max Out!

My Current Cryptocurrency & Economic Forecast

I expect the crypto-market to follow a trajectory similar to the Internet Bubble.

Attached is 36 year graph of the NASDAQ.

Crypto will dramatically change the world not just through hype and speculation, but through its revolutionary applications.

But it will take 5-10 years of hard won engineering and trial & error.

Prices will get ahead of value and there will be a rapid run-up and rapid decline.

It many ways the Crypto-Market is Internet 2.0.

Crypto is reimagining the web with a new secure protocol that enables many new decentralized applications.

I expect us to hit the peak in about 2 years with a total market cap 1.5x to 2x bigger than the internet bubble due to inflation, the accelerant of social media and that the world’s global economic infrastructure is 20 years more mature.

This gives a Peak Crypto Total Market Cap Price Target of 10-15 Trillion.

We are currently hovering close to 800 Billion in Market cap.

I think Bitcoin will fall as the #1 most valuable cryptocurrency within the next year to Ripple, Ethereum, Cardano, EOS or IOTA.

Personally I’ve got a fairly diversified portfolio of about 40-50 alt coins. That’s around the number that is recommended for proper diversification for angel investments in startups, which is what all these alt coins effectively are — early stage tech products/companies.

I pick alt-coins using the criteria of an angel investor (market opportunity, team, vision, traction, competition, status quo…with the additional factor of public receptivity due to the hype factor being such a large determinant of returns).

I swing trade a little bit and take profits off the runners and invest it into smaller alt-coins. I added to my cost basis to have around a 10% total portfolio allocation. This portfolio has run up 200-300% in just the last 6 weeks and so is already a much higher total portfolio allocation. I keep the other 90% in a diversified stock portfolio that are mostly options for leverage. I will probably let the crypto portfolio ride to the peak and try to get out somewhere within 20% of the top, rather than rebalancing the crypto portfolio.

I even arbitraged off some new 0% credit cards and a small amount at 20% interest just for fun to see if I could beat the rate — I have.

What’s scary for the whole global financial system is that there are many reports of people taking out a 2nd mortgage on their house to buy Bitcoin. So the crypto bubble bursting will likely be one significant catalyst for the next Global Financial Crisis, especially as the fall from its peak lines up well with timelines for the next recession which will likely become a depression due to all the accelerating negative feedback loops to the downside: The Current Tax Reform Bill being an excessive stimulant in the late stages of a bull market cycle, excessive government debt around the world, Geo-political instability, and stretched stock-market valuations.

When this happens I hope to be sitting pretty with a shiny bag of put options shorting the market.

For now, I’m enjoying riding the euphoria.

The future portends to be highly volatile, my friends.

Stay alert. Stay ready. Be dynamic.

What are your forecasts for the crypto-market compared to my own? And how are you personally positioning your finances?

You Do Realize There Is No Outside World, Right?

There is no outside world.
There is no you.
There is no them.
Everything in your reality is just a constructed representation, created by your mind.
Light waves hit your eyes, sound waves hit your ears, rain drops hit your skin.
And your brain takes in that data, discards the vast majority of it, and generates a coherent yet false simulation of reality that you call your life.
It is all quite insubstantial, really.
Like vapor rising from a steam pot.
Like a breeze moving through a field.
Like a movie projected on a screen.
What do you do with this information?
You Wake Up.
You Lighten Up.
You Love Up.
You co-create this radically beautiful, indescribably profound dream with an infallible sense of freedom, wholeness and devotion.
Knowing all at once that you are an aspect of God.
Yes, you.
You are Divine.