Finding Yourself to Die to Yourself

I like the intent of this infographic but ultimately is a little misleading.

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Really, all you have to do is take regret One to heart, live it, and the rest will follow.

If you have the courage to live a life that is true to yourself, you will be compelled to work so diligently and passionately that you will feel like you never worked a day in your life (2).

When you live a life that is true to yourself, and are in touch with your purpose, the fear to express yourself will melt away. Nobody can’t reject what you know deep within yourself. You know what your hero’s journey is, others can leave you or join you (3). (See my post on The Polarization Promise:

You cannot complete your journey alone. A deep part of you knows that and will attract your true comrades and compatriots to you. They give you strength to carry on, as you do to them (4).

Happiness is fleeting. And more a feedback mechanism than a destination. Gratitude is long lasting.
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When you’re connected to purpose and making progress on your journey, even in the darkest times you will be enveloped by an inexhaustible warm glow, radiating from deep within your soul. There is no wishing for an optimistic, aligned state of mind. It just happens (5).

But beware, the title of this infographic is more aptly named than you may know.

For while finding your purpose and living a life that is true to yourself may solve the 5 regrets of the dying…

…before you can find yourSelf you must have the courage to die to yourself.

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