Thermogenesis: New Cold Plunge Record

After I returned from my weeklong Dzogchen Meditation retreat I went to the Banya and blew my 46° cold plunge record out of the water.

From 25 minutes to 31 minutes.


I am the master of mind.

My mind is the master of my body.

With bodhicitta — the intention to become enlightened to be in service to all beings,

And with diligence in walking the path,

The path reveals itself to itself by itself.

And a natural intelligence and purification spontaneously unfolds.

The ordinary unceasingly dissolves into the extraordinary.

In the frigid waters of the cold plunge the ordinary is dissolved,

By my internally generated heat.

And the flames of the fire of inexhaustible enlightened activity are fanned and stoked.


Decelerating Your Life to Supercharge Your Life

My close friend Mari Sierra is hosting a retreat next month (Jan 8 -17) for Entrepreneurs & Conscious Creatives in Bali and they have 5 spots left. (

I thought some of my friends may be interested in their program.

The retreat is called Decelerate where the program is structured to support attendees in slowing down so they may find their core essence, their core purpose and energetic alignment with those currents, so that their creative gifts can be unleashed with full force throughout the year.

There will be daily yoga and meditation sessions facilitated by Erica Jago & Mari Sierra (internationally acclaimed designers / yoginis wink emoticon ), group facilitation by Michel Bachmann, and peer explorations and reflections with other like-minded souls in a beautiful setting.

I believe Energy Management is one of the most foundational skills for any Ambitious Creative in the 21st century.

One of the biggest problems I see in how many entrepreneurs and creatives live their lives, is that they believe there is linear relationship between time spent working and work produced.

The reality is that how much we accomplish is much more a function of how much energy we invest in our work and purpose rather than how much time we invest.

While Energy is a finite resource, it’s also a Renewable and Growable Resource.

To meet the demands of the incredibly stimulatory, fast paced 21st century life we must increase our Energetic Capacity.

Deliberately. Continuously. Consistently. Through Years of Practice, Refinement and Commitment to Mastery.

How do you increase Energetic Capacity?

By oscillating between cycles of stress and recovery.

That’s how strength and capacity is built.

In the fast paced, always on world of the 21st century, most people run their stress cycle but neglect the recovery cycle and consequently burn out.

I love Tony Schwartz basic framework, author of one of my favorite books, the Power of Full Engagement, where he describes our energy as coming from 4 core dimensions: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

Where we grow our capacity by developing stress and recovery habits rituals for each dimension.

This is why I work out so hard. This is why I biohack so much. This is why I master my mind through meditation and a myriad of other practices — so I can continue to increase my Energetic Capacity, creating and serving with greater and greater intensity.

Tony Schwartz also encourages people to see their life as a Series of Creative Sprints rather than a Marathon. Take a look at sprinters he says — they look like Lions, Kings of the Jungle…take a look at marathon runners, they look gaunt and on the edge of death.

Why is this?

One process is more aligned with Life’s Natural Cycle of Growth and Energetic Optimization.

Energetic optimization requires consistently asking yourself these two questions:

1) How is my energy?

2) Is my energy being allocated to what’s most important to me, my essence and my purpose?

Because when your energetic capacity and output is high, focused and directed towards the right things you are unstoppable.

So if you haven’t taken time for Recovery recently, I would highly recommend attending Decelerate as a potent opportunity to Realign and Restore your Being.

It may feel like there’s not time to take off for retreat, but what are you optimizing for? The short term or the long term?

From the short term perspective there is never time to Recover.

The Long Term perspective demands it.

And the Long Term process perspective is the only true path to Creative Manifest Greatness.

And that is one of my deepest desires for you.

Diet Cheat Days are for Wimps

[Diet] Cheat days are for wimps.

Eating poorly is a sign of ignorance, lack of self-respect, and/or lack of self-discipline.

It is okay if you don’t have those capacities in sufficient strength yet.

It is not okay if you’re not working on developing those capacities everyday.

Cheat days are for those who don’t have a Strong Enough Reason for WHY they are ALIVE.

Engaging in any form of damaging short term indulgence is a demonstration of your lack of COMMITMENT or SKILLFUL PURSUIT of your LIFE PURPOSE.

Mistakes are much more acceptable than cheat days. You can correct mistakes with behavioral psychology techniques like Neuro-Linguistic Programming. With mistakes, at least you’re not CONSCIOUSLY giving yourself PERMISSION to be LESS than YOU ARE.

My diet is dialed 24/7.


(This was originally posted on Facebook where a lively comment thread erupted)

Cold Plunge Progress

The last two weeks during my stress-recovery ritual at the Banya (a Russian Bathhouse in Bayview), I pushed my time in the 46 F° cold plunge to 5 minutes (from a 1 minute max 2 months ago) and used my own modified tibetan breath work called Tummo to push heat into my central channel, letting my limbs go numb and nearly cramp, while the rest of my body was warmed, and my amygdala or fight/flight response was completely still.

Before entering the cold plunge I also took my meditative practice of Tibetan archetypal invocation off the cushion and invoked pure red and orange warrior energy to carry me through the exercise.

The last 75 seconds I carried myself with this mantra:

I can. I will. I must.

I can. I will. I must.

I can. I will. I must.

Powerful stuff.

There is a fire burning inside me.

Notes From My Coaching on Purpose & Awakening

Just did an hour long coaching session with an old friend who is now on path to purpose and awakening after a couple years of struggle and disempowerment.

Here’s a summary of some of the topics, processes and insights we covered:

I share, because I’m going to become increasingly busy in the coming months and writing is a way to scalably communicate:

– Goals for 3, 6, 12 months.

– The Power of Full Engagement and Getting Things Done as the two most important frameworks for being insanely productive. Energy Management and Time Management.

– Finding the biggest energetic block (A bad breakup a few years ago)

– Cleaning up that energetic block as the highest leverage way to increase communication skills and charisma, which will greatly improve work performance as a musician. (Call the ex and forgive her, for you, so you can be free)

– Taking responsibility for traumas (You chose to have that person in your life)

– The power of language. Understanding difference between objective events and subjective story. All emotional pain is mostly inflicted on us by ourselves. Especially as an adult.

– Using a morning ritual and reading a personalized text document everyday to instantiate new beliefs and behaviors.

– Being empowered or disempowered is not as much a structural fixed thing, but a moment to moment state. Every moment we can choose to be in our power or not. Every moment is an opportunity to shrink into our small self or step into our big self.

– Reaching our potential or our destiny is the summation of progress on a day to day basis. Every day is an opportunity to get better.