An Update

I’ve been working 12-14 hours a day since the start of the new year with no days off to get my new company TrueSelf off the ground.

All that despite a rough common cold I picked up from the New Years all-nighter.

I just draw on Michael Jordan’s infamous flu game for inspiration.

We’re getting very close to releasing a lot of work that’s been in the pipeline.

An Online Class entitled the Personality Advantage System: Introductory Course will be coming out next week.

Essentially, it is an introduction to the 9 Types of the Enneagram.

My co-founders Katherine Fauvre and Nick Connor will be doing a Live Q&A about the Intro Course on Tuesday at 2pm live on FB, as well as on Zoom.

Our free personality test is also almost done, which will assess your Primary Enneagram Type, Tritype and Instinctual stacking, with far more accuracy than any other Enneagram test ever made.

A lot of love, blood, sweat and tears has gone into this over the last few months — and the many decades of work members of our team have put in that lead up to this.

Master Classes, Brand Identity, Coaching Programs, and full-featured web applications coming soon after.

Stay tuned.

Do You Want to Know the REAL SECRET to Healing All Your Neuroses and Trauma?

It’s this.


Despite the satirical callousness of this approach, it is not without merit when used in its proper context.

From a neuroplasticity perspective whatever we give attention to is biologically strengthened, and whatever we ignore is biologically weakened.

The neurons associated with particular experiences literally grow or die based on how we respond to them when they enter our consciousness.

The oft-used pithy phrase is “Neurons that fire together, wire together.”

The biggest missing ingredient from going from comedic awakening to realization is ‘how’.

“How do I stop my ingrained patterns of thinking?”

The answer is:

a) The right training in meditation to learn how to control your thoughts

b) the right therapeutic methods to activate and release childhood trauma and attachment disorders

c) Finding loving, accepting friends, family and healers, who hold you as both perfect as you are and your potential on the other side of your healing

Stop Running From Your Pain

Your aliveness is found in your pain.
Your pain is your fuel.

Rest up when you need to.
Stabilize your Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as best as you can.

Then stop distracting yourself.
Stop making excuses.

Summon the courage that keeps you moving forward in the face of your fear,

To take the journey into the heart of your own darkness.

There is no other way into the Light.

And there never was.

Do You Love Yourself?

Say to yourself,
“I love myself.”
“I love myself.”
“I love myself.”
Does it feel true?
If not, please share, what is in the way?
And then keep repeating this mantra every day until you melt away all resistance.
Whatever resistance is still stubbornly persistent,
Dissolve it through action.
If you feel too guilty, take action to make amends.
If you feel too angry, offer a letter or words of forgiveness.
If you feel too ashamed, find compassion for yourself and others.
If you have too many negative people in your life tearing you down, raise your standards for who you let have an intimate role in your life.
That you are worthy of love from yourself and others is always true.
Even when you can’t see it.
But when you can,
Your life will Bloom like a Thousand Gardens in the Orchard of the Divine.
So say it to yourself,
“I love myself.”
“I love myself.”
“I love myself.”
Until Universal Truth becomes your Personal Truth.

I should make myself available to provide some coaching

I realized today I should make myself available to provide some coaching.

Since I started writing actively again I’ve been engaging in a lot of coaching related conversations in private messages.

And I’d to like offer the proper container for this work.

Whatever your biggest challenges are in life right now, I can probably support you with new perspectives, tools and practices to overcome what is currently in your way and give you more peace, freedom and clarity on your soul’s journey.

If you’re in the Bay Area there is also the option of meeting in person in Marin where I can incorporate healing bodywork as another modality to clearing energetic blockages and whatever is keeping you from the fullest expression of yourself.

I’m building a new company right now, so I’m making myself available for just 2 new people right now, and we’ll see if I have the space for more people in my current schedule.

If exploring doing some coaching work together interests you send me a private message on Facebook.
In the comments below I’ll also add a link to my coaching page that elaborates more about my process along with a number of endorsements.

Personal Coaching

Notes From My Coaching on Purpose & Awakening

Just did an hour long coaching session with an old friend who is now on path to purpose and awakening after a couple years of struggle and disempowerment.

Here’s a summary of some of the topics, processes and insights we covered:

I share, because I’m going to become increasingly busy in the coming months and writing is a way to scalably communicate:

– Goals for 3, 6, 12 months.

– The Power of Full Engagement and Getting Things Done as the two most important frameworks for being insanely productive. Energy Management and Time Management.

– Finding the biggest energetic block (A bad breakup a few years ago)

– Cleaning up that energetic block as the highest leverage way to increase communication skills and charisma, which will greatly improve work performance as a musician. (Call the ex and forgive her, for you, so you can be free)

– Taking responsibility for traumas (You chose to have that person in your life)

– The power of language. Understanding difference between objective events and subjective story. All emotional pain is mostly inflicted on us by ourselves. Especially as an adult.

– Using a morning ritual and reading a personalized text document everyday to instantiate new beliefs and behaviors.

– Being empowered or disempowered is not as much a structural fixed thing, but a moment to moment state. Every moment we can choose to be in our power or not. Every moment is an opportunity to shrink into our small self or step into our big self.

– Reaching our potential or our destiny is the summation of progress on a day to day basis. Every day is an opportunity to get better.