I’m saddened by how many female friends of mine have experienced sexual assault.
But I’m heartened by the collective courage of women speaking out in the last 24 hours.

We must do better.
And commit to holding ourselves and our brothers to a MUCH higher standard.
Which means doing the work to heal our wounds, lighten our individual and collective Karmic Shadows, and learn the skills for authentic relating.

Sexuality is never something to be forced.
Paradoxically and ironically when sexuality is forced,
It moves the Assaulter farther away from what they actually desire:
Love. Connectedness. Pleasure. Mattering. Belonging.
Sexuality is messy, and it’s easy to make mistakes and hurt people even when the best of intentions are present.
Which is why it is all the important we establish a culture of forgiveness and restoration when mistakes are inevitably made, rather a culture of blame and punishment.

Remember we are one human family,
All trying to find our way back Home.
Victims of Assault,
If you ever need a Fiery Soul to protect you and direct some Intense Heat at those who deserve it,
Or a champion of Restorative Justice in service of our Collective Communal Healing and Evolution,
Or if you just need someone to listen to you, a shoulder to cry on or a safe, warm hug,
I am here.
Just send me a ping,
Or give me a ring.


Conferences are mostly an Un-Productive, Self-Congratulatory, Pretentious Circle Jerk.
Save your money,
Save your time,
Build your network authentically,
Drop an expert a line,
And have a conversation that is mighty fine,
Watch a Youtube presentation,
And skip through all the meaningless information,
And self-glorifcation.
Stay focused. Stay aligned.
Stop looking Outside.
Everything you need is all Inside.


Elon Musk is an amazing entrepreneur but as a World Savior he is probably the World’s most OverRated.

1. Tesla at this point is just a luxury car brand. Electric Vehicles and Solar are inevitable developmental trends where there will be plenty of competition and no clear winner.

2. Space X is largely irrelevant to the future of the human race. It is Inner Space not Outer Space that is the edge of evolutionary progress. Premises about backup plans and inter-planetary species are severely flawed.

3. Solar City couldn’t succeed on its own.

4. Paypal is a pedestrian payments company.

5. His A.I. Fear mongering is misguided and wasting people’s time and money on an irrelevant problem.

6. Neuralink as far as I can tell is Reductionistic, committing the pervasive errors of Right-Hand Subtle Reductionism.

7. The Hyperloop is an incremental transportation innovation not a transformational one. Again the primary error is an inner space vs. outer space bias. Work is increasingly being virtualized. By the time Hyperloop is functional, if it is even scientifically possible, we will have 3D immersive virtual reality. There are other major axiomatic and trend based errors embedded in the project hypothesis as well.

I remain open to being impressed by new products and companies he creates, but that is HYPE-athetical at this point.

As for his intention, drive and work ethic, I am incredibly inspired.


Some people think I am bipolar.

I guarantee it.

Some people think I am sick and need help.

I guarantee it.

Those people are projecting onto me their unconscious fear of their own lack of psychological control and stability,

Or that of someone close to them.

I probabilistically guarantee it.

I have often explored in many chapters of my life how I relate to this weighty psychological label.

There is no question I have travelled the extremes of the psychological spectrum.

How intimately I know the Higher Highs and the Lower Lows.

There is certainly bipolarity in that.

But am I Bipolar?


Not as the term is conventionally used.

Bipolar is not a mental illness.

Bipolarity is not a curse.

Bipolarity is a gift.

Bipolarity is increased emotional sensitivity to life.

Bipolarity is an incarnational decision to increase one’s risk/reward profile.

Bipolarity is increased access to the Vital Force of Life itself.

Bipolarity connects you more fully to the multi-dimensional energetic fluids of emotionality that serve as Teachers,

Washing over you, if you let them, with the intent to positively transform.

Bipolarity is a powerful weapon that is the source of some of the greatest creativity and expressions of Love and Spirit in Human History.

But it is also a powerful weapon that society is afraid of.

That Industrial Society has been designed to crush.

Like X-Men mutants who the conventional humans fear for their differences.

Conventional Society wants people to conform like Slavish Mechanical Cogs to its Industrial Machine.

Society wants docile employees, who color within the lines, follow the rules and do what they’re told.

There is no room for the hyper-creative who have visions of new possibilities and new lands.

The Status Quo is too fucking profitable.

There is no room for the hyper-sensitive who feel deep in their bones and soul that something in their world is not RIGHT.

Their heightened perception must be numbed.

Must be medicated out of existence.

Their feelings which point them to the Truth of the World and their Heart must be stopped.

They must be made to feel weak.

To feel their feelings are the problem.

Rather than Modern Society.

With its dysfunctional, self-perpetuating trauma-filled, isolationist, disconnected culture that gave rise to the feelings of depression and anxiety in the first place.

One of their Methods of Covert Authoritarianism is the Brutality of the Medical Establishment.

A profiteering, societal racketeering institution built on Biologically Reductionist Science designed to make the patient addicted and societally compliant rather than healthy and fulfilled.

Nearly 20% of Americans take a psychiatric drug for Depression or Anxiety.

On average Americans watch 5 hours of Television a day.

Another subversive method of mind-control to numb people from their Authentic Self.

Industrial Capitalist Society has Humanity by the Balls, Clamped in a Vice.

I have been deeply depressed, but I have never moved from Hypomania to Mania.

I have taken many natural supplements, but I have never taken a pharmacological drug.

And I hope I never do.

If you have, don’t be hard on yourself.

Be compassionate.

But know if you would like to truly find your Higher Self…

It will be very difficult to do while taking pharmacological substances designed to conform you to a narrow band of emotional states.

Pharmacological drugs are best seen as emergency psychic surgery when you take a psycho-spiritual tumble and break a metaphorical bone or bust up your metaphorical tissue…

And they are to be followed by a weaned path of rehabilitation to more authentic biochemistry.

If you are on these substances,

Know there is a way out.

Though it must done with love and care,

And the supervision of qualified medical professionals,

Ideally including ones who practice Holistic Medicine.


…And now we have begun a series of posts on Depression, Mental Illness & Spiritual Transformation.

I have thousands of words to spill on this subject in which I will cover subjects like:

– Why the medical establishment does not have people’s best interests at heart
– Why the DSM, psychiatry and pharmacology is fatally flawed
– How the lack of a larger spiritual evolutionary context of the human condition is the source of psychological confusion that begets depression and mental illness
– Powerful metaphors for reframing Depression, Anxiety and Bipolarity as the Empowering, Fierce, Creative Gift they are.
– Biohacking with supplements out of Mental Dysfunction into Optimal Health
– The dynamic feedback loops to the downside or upside between Biology, Psychology, Culture and Spirituality
– My personal stories about the excruciating pain and confusion of depressive episodes
– Resilient methods for relating to Suicidal Ideation
– The Nature of Suicide in a larger Existential Context
– How Depression can make you stronger and prepare you to fulfill your Destiny


Trigger warning: If the story of the man who died running into the effigy at Burning Man is traumatizing to you, do not read this post.

If you want to read my take on this incident which includes extended commentary on the Nature of Psychedelic Experiences, the Realm of Subtle Beings & Energy, and a larger spiritual perspective on the Cycle of Life and Death, then read away.


Oh man what a way to go.

It appears that the Occam’s Razor for this incident is that this was an accidental death induced by phenomenal occurrences on a psychedelic trip.

Some have speculated that he believed he was Daenerys from Game of Thrones, and as such believed he was immune to fire.

Certainly the pictures depict a man who is charging forth like he believes himself to be a hero in a fairy tale, and not a depressed, suicidal man looking to kill himself. However, those attempting suicide are often filled with a rush of adrenaline in their final moments due to their perception of final escape, relief and release.

This is a reminder that psychedelics are dangerous, powerful substances, that need to be treated with care and caution if we are to reap the benefits of their teachings.

….A brief two paragraph interlude for those of you who believe the Subtle Realm is Pre-Rational Hippie Mumbo Jumbo — know that I once believed this as many did, but that it is most definitely real by many legitimate epistemological methods, just not primarily the methods you have been taught or the methods conventional Western Science accepts, but they are learnable.

The Harry Potter series is actually incredibly powerful and accurate allegory. The world of magic co-exists with the ‘normal world’ and is generally undetectable in every day life, unless you’ve consciously developed the Subtle Sensitivity to operate in this Realm.

…[Back to regularly scheduled magical programming]…Psychedelics blow open the defenses of the Subtle Body, and litter your Aura with holes.

This partial Mechanism of Action is both the upside and the downside to Psychedelics.

Psychedelics make you more permeable to your surroundings and the Subtle, Etheric and Astral Worlds that are always around us, but otherwise much harder to perceive.

Psychedelic Trips can bestow amazing Visions, Insights and Information. These come primarily from two sources: your Higher and Lower Self — the Super-Conscious and Sub-Conscious, respectively, as well as Subtle Beings and Entities.

Attribution of where energies are coming from is both challenging and essential for Integration.

Subtle Beings & Entities can be both Beneficent and Malevolent, and the whole spectrum in between, just like humans.

When you have a good or bad trip, how do you sort out what Energies came from a Subtle Entity and what was repressed emotional content in your Shadow, or Blessings from your Higher Self?

Epistemological Methods in the Subtle Realm, colloquially known as, “How do you know what to attribute your subjective experiences to?”, are very under-appreciated and under-developed in most Subtle Realm Travelers, and the New Age Community at large.

Burning Man is a particularly potent environment for the Subtle Realms. Subtle Beings of all varieties make the Pilgrimage to the Playa each year, just as the humans do. To them it is an Auric Feast. Which Energies you personally come into contact depends a lot on who you are and what Energetic Frequencies you are Resonate with at a particular moment in time.

Many of my Spiritual Teachers have advised against using Psychedelics. I have not stopped using them completely, but I use them far more sparingly, paying careful attention to my Set and Setting. Experience has taught me that I am very sensitive.

My teachers have also said that psychedelics blow open your Timelines and give you access to Energy and Information often before you are ready. And that it is possible to access the same Frequencies with other, safer, healthier and more reliable methods.

The value of psychedelic experiences lies primarily in our ability to stay Awake during the Trip, and Integrate our experiences after the Trip has passed. Staying Awake during a psychedelic experience is primarily about maintaining Presence and seeing Phenomena as Expressions of Spirit rather than Contracting back into the False Stories of the Egoic self. With respect to Integration, Ken Wilber has brilliantly put that ‘States can come for free, but Structure is Earned.’

Burning Man is one of the most crazy settings possible to do Psychedelics. In effect, ‘crazy’ means high risk/reward profile. I have experienced both ends of the spectrum at Burning Man in my 4 years attending the festival since 2009: Ecstatic Kosmic Downloads that were Integrated as Irrevocable core aspects of my Being…and I have been thrown into a Miserable Nightmares of Disorientation and Vomit, mixed with pernicious Paranoia that I was in Mortal Danger.

A further point of context on this rather Spectacular Death this year at Burning Man, is understanding the True Nature of Life and Death in this world.

Perhaps most importantly is the false belief that we have only one life, and after we die that is it. I wrote a post last month on this topic calling it, ‘The Most Insidious Belief in Western Culture (https://www.facebook.com/maxhmarmer/posts/10211434991964546)

A Soul’s journey is comprised of millions of lifetimes.

So Death is not something to fear, but rather something to come to accept and come to peace with.

Especially if you would like to Gracefully and Consciously move through the In-Between Realms known as the Bardo, as you enter your next life.

We all ‘Transition’ when our time has come.

That has much less to do with our own Agency and much more to do with: Karma, a new life that is calling us, how much we have fulfilled our current life contracts, whether we’re ready to go, and whether our unfulfilled contracts are deserving of Divine Intervention.

It appears to me the man who ran into the fire, Aaron Joel Mitchell, was ready for his next adventure.

May his Fate inform Ours.


Enough Content has now been Invoked in the Field of my Facebook feed that people have revealed where they are coming from.

It is time to reveal and explain the Map that can make Order out of this appearing Chaos.

The essential idea of this Map is that all values, Beliefs, Thoughts, Emotions, Cultures, Systems and Institutions emerge out of a particular Field of Consciousness, that oscillates around a phase space like an electron cloud.

This is not a complete map of the Field of Consciousness, but rather a 2 dimensional projection of two of the most fundamental dimensions: Psychological Developmental Stages and State-Stages of Consciousness.

Other hidden variables, from this perspective, include domain specific Developmental Lines, Typological structures like personality, Shadow, and Trans-Incarational and Collective Karma.

On this map you will see 3 Rectangles.

The Red Rectangle represents the field of consciousness where most of my critics reside.

The Green Rectangle represents the field of consciousness where the people I seek to influence reside.

The Black Rectangle represents where those in the Red Rectangle perceive phenomena in the Green Rectangle to reside.

The Black Rectangle is also where most actual Misognysts, Racists and Nazis reside.

The phenomena where those in the Red Rectangle misclassify the Green Rectangle as the Black Rectangle is an instance of what is called the Pre/Trans Fallacy.

There are various properties inherent to the Terrain within the Red Rectangle that work together to create this particular Pre/Trans Fallacy.

One feature is Moral Absolutism. Those in the Red Rectangle don’t believe anything could possibly be more Evolved than their Perspective, so they improperly classify it as less Evolved than their Perspective.

Or in other words, “if you’re not for women’s rights in the way that has been deemed Morally Correct within the Red Rectangle, then you must be a Misogynistic, White Nationalist”.

This is aligned with the Post-Modernist Deconstructionist Project where all Vertical Structures are perceived to be Dominator Hierarchies, which must be collapsed to equal playing fields.

Those in the Red Rectangle will deny the Field of Consciousness exists as depicted by this Map. However, it is also a well studied feature of the Field of Consciousness that those in the Pluralistic Band will reject anything resembling Hierarchy. So arguing with people in the Red Rectangle about whether the Field of Consciousness exists is fruitless, unless they have some access to the Integral Band of Consciousness.

This angers those in the Red Rectangle because by stating that Reality effectively has a Perceptual Permission System, you are violating one of their Fundamental Values that Phenomena should Universally Accessible.

Furthermore, it is a feature of the Field of Consciousness that many people who reside within the Red Rectangle believe it is their mission in life to Deconstruct Hierarchy. So they really won’t like this Map.

However, it is worth noting that Deconstructing Dominator Hierarchies within the Black Rectangle is a worthy cause— the Rational and Mythic Bands of Consciousness.

Unfortunately, Mythic Structures and Integral Structures look the same to those in the Red Rectangle.

As a consequence, those within the Red Rectangle are simultaneously Healing the Past and Preventing the Future.

The Integral Band of Consciousness rejects overdone Deconstructionism and recognizes the Systemic Nature of Reality as Holarchical, rather than Hierarchical.

Holoarchy is a series of nested Holons. Holons are constructs that are simultaneously Parts and Wholes. So when we say Reality is Holarchical, we mean it is made up of Systems within Systems within Systems…

To accurately determine where one resides in the Field of Consciousness requires learning Integral Epistemology and Methodological Pluralism.

Therefore, if you are within the Red Rectangle you will be unable to employ methodology that is capable of correctly classifying people without committing Pre/Trans Fallacies.

Those in the Green Rectangle may or may not possess adequate methods of classifying people and phenomena within the Field of Consciousness, but precise accuracy requires considerable skill, attunement and error correction methodologies. Nonetheless, low-precision intuitive classification is reliable and valuable.

I hope this is illuminating to those of you in the Green Rectangle.

To those of you in the Red Rectangle…

I hope you will turn your energies to Deconstructing Hierarchies that are actually in the Black Rectangle and stop wasting your Precious Energy on me.


Check out this article for empirical case study based proof:


Key quotes:

“[Life After Hate is an organization] founded by former white supremacist leaders in 2011, it studies the forces that draw people to hate and helps those who are willing to disengage from radical extremist movements.

Life After Hate’s approach focuses on compassion, counseling, and redemption. The idea of redeeming a white nationalist or neo-Nazi is understandably shocking to many Americans — and for many but history is full of examples of people who’ve shed their hatred and repented later in life.

Rangel is a believer. He himself comes from a life of redemption. He rejects the idea that people drawn to extremism can’t be redeemed based on his own experience.

“The rest of the team were all members of white supremacist groups and were in leadership roles. They were the core of those groups.”

“I had a lot of mental health diagnoses that said I was incorrigible, I was anti-social … basically that I couldn’t change, and yet here I am.”

“What we all have in common, for the most part, is that compassion and empathy are common themes in what helped turn us around,” he said. “What finally got through.”

That puts Rangel’s organization on the opposite side of activists and organizations that are using punitive tactics, such as online shaming and physical fights, against white nationalist groups.

The negative things that we think to do to challenge the other side only help us dig in. It’s only through kindness, it’s only through understanding, it’s only through compassion and peace that people were able to get past all of our armor. It was never aggression, it was never shaming.”

Rangel said that white nationalist organizations promote a sense of belonging to individuals who join, something that is hyper-charged by the internet — where extremist groups can confirm and exacerbate people’s fears and vulnerabilities

“We get online and then we follow a rabbit hole of algorithms that takes us down a deep but narrower path … that helps validate our concerns, helps validate what we’re afraid about, and then we realize we’re not alone,” he said. “Where it turns into extremism is when they promote this sense of social obligation as a sense of activism, and that the only way to be activist is to be violent. That’s where it goes into extremism.”

“I would say is what we would offer would come from a place of being nonjudgmental. Whatever we would talk about would definitely stay between us. And that we would like to share our own experience as Formers and share what has been helpful to us in turning around the way we participate in life … whenever they’re ready our door would be open to them.”

Critics may accuse Life After Hate of naïveté, and argue that the only way to deal with such elements of our society is with shame, not compassion.

If the goal, though, is not immediate moral satisfaction but actually reducing the strength of white supremacist movements, the more effective path may lie in empathy.

For Rangel, the dozens of white nationalists the organization has convinced to give up their past ways are proof enough to him of his approach. “I would say show me the evidence,” he replied. “Tell me not what you can think or feel but what you can prove. If you can show me someone you have shamed into changing, beaten into changing, by all means I want to see that. But I don’t think that’s the way for anyone.”