The Post-Hippie Integralists Shall Inherit the Earth

There are so many things wrong with this ignorant article making the rounds:

‘You can’t stop consenting adults from being stupid,’ Marler said. ‘But we should at least try.’

This is a rather analogous situation to the criticism of Sam Harris I wrote last week.

Scientific/Rational/Technophiles resting in Intellectual Superiority while making fun of the supposedly idiot hippies…when they are actually committing idiocy through Scientific Reductionism.

Look the Scientific Culture may get their rocks off making fun of the Hippy Dippy Crunchy Granola Hippies. But they’re the fucking Neanderthals here.

This group literally represents a lower level of development in developmental psychology, on a dozen different psychometric scales.

(Orange/Green if you know Spiral Dynamics or invariant Integral Developmental Psychology)

However the Scientific/Rationalist level of development loves competition. So what I’m trying to impress with many of my posts is that there is actually a competitive advantage to the higher levels of development,

…That comprise ‘Trans-Rational Thinking” and “Non-Duality and Awakening via Meditation”…so y’all should actually invest the time and energy to get to these higher stages to remain Evolutionarily Relevant.

The Scientific Rationalists think they’re winning because the hippies in the level right above them are usually not very good at rationalist language.

Unfortunately for them, I am very good with scientific, rationalist language and concepts and am multiple levels above both the Scientific Rationalists and the Post-Modern Hippies.

And can easily run Intellectual Circles around these undeservedly intellectually arrogant scientific rationalists…like a Spiritual Conor McGregor Knocking out of Reigning Champ Jose Aldo in 13 seconds…

So let’s breakdown their idiocy and competitive inferiority:

1) I actually drink this water and get it delivered to my home every 2 weeks. I know this water is better than average water and even better than other spring water because I can Fucking Taste It.

Here’s my raw water and less-expensive spring water:

My home water setup – Raw Spring Water on the left & Mayacamas Spring Water on the right

I even ran blind taste tests with myself and friends.

Yes, Rationalists, how something tastes is a valid epistemological method of knowing.

Learn to use the amazing precise measuring tool that is YOUR BODY and all of its beautiful sensory apparatuses. It is actually far more powerful than most scientific measuring devices if you learn how to use it properly. And it’s real-time!

2) They irrationally fear all bacteria. There is a germaphobe mentality to this critique. When in reality, the gut requires billions of good bacteria to function properly and optimally. This is called pro-biotics. And this water contains lots of these good bacteria.

3) This article wasn’t even fact checked. Might as well call it FAKE NEWS. Why bitch about ‘stupid hippies drinking raw water’ if no one has even gotten sick yet?

Live Water says, “We’ve been selling raw spring water for 3 years, and not one single person has ever gotten sick from the water we bottle
The FDA arrived to our bottling facility on Friday, and they confirmed everything we are doing is completely safe.”

4) Poverty mindset of being unwilling to invest in health

“OMG this water is $50…I can get free water from my tap LOLOLOLO”

Ok, our bodies are composed of ~70% water, why would I not spend $50-100 a month on one of the largest input sources to my feeling of well-being and productivity.

Are these people not willing to invest in improving themselves?

The problem probably goes back to (1)…they are so in their head they have no felt sense of their body so can’t tell that this water actually makes them feel better.

Net Net — People who are stuck in their heads and unable to read sensorial signals from the body are significantly evolutionarily maladaptive in 2018 and over the next few decades will dramatically lose the Memetic Natural Selection Culture War with the Post-Hippie Integralists.

So your best option is to stop spouting stupid shit and just do the personal development work to get access to Trans-Rational Non-Dual Awakened Awareness that is Competitively Fueled by Raw Water.

Mystic Max Out!

Do Not Do a Vipassana Retreat. Do Not Practice Transcendental Meditation. Do Not Pass Go.

If you would like to progress quickly along the spiritual path through meditation, do not go to a Vipassana retreat.
Do not practice transcendental meditation.
Do not learn from a teacher whose central teaching is mindfulness.
These are all inferior methods that will likely slow down your progress for years, leave you stuck in meditative eddies, leave you feeling frustrated, and will likely lead to you giving up on meditation as a transformational practice.
I have seen this happen to too many people.
There are many far better options for learning how to meditate.
For the sake of all beings,
Heed these words of caution.

On Accountability Partners for Visions, Goals, and Resolutions

Personally, I almost never use accountability partners or other people to hold me accountable to my goals or resolutions.

I am accountable to myself and the high standards I set for myself.

And that is all I need.

If you need someone else to hold you accountable to your goals and resolutions that probably means you have these two things going on:

1) You don’t want it bad enough.

You need to increase the compellingness of your vision, goals and resolutions and anchor them with more burning desire, emotional intensity and physical movement.

2) You have unresolved parts conflict.

Part of you wants to realize your vision, goals and resolution, but other parts don’t.

This can happen because other parts have other conflicting beliefs or fears about what will happen if those visions or goals are realized.

Like, “What if I’m too successful and I can’t handle it”…or “what if xyz people don’t like me anymore once I make this change in my life”.

You have to consciously talk to the different parts of yourself and get in full parts alignment within yourself.

In the interim, if accountability partners help you move towards your vision, goals and resolutions, then use them…as progress will create the momentum and confidence for more progress, and eventually taking off the ‘training wheels’ of accountability buddies.

Developmental Levels for How Different Social Systems React to Trauma

Here’s a rough developmental framework I just sketched out on how social systems react to trauma:

Level 1 – stigmatize all trauma as weakness
Level 2 – Accept trauma responses and provide compassion
Level 3 – Provide healing modalities and environments where trauma healing can potentially occur (although it often doesn’t effectively)
Level 4 – Hold individuals and practitioners to standards of quality and accountability where healing actually takes place instead of endless therapy with marginal improvement in life conditions.

Most of the social systems I am in are in level 3.

Many of my posts are about how to go from level 3 to level 4, such as many of my posts which have a theme self-responsibility over normalizing arrested development via limiting stories of victimization.

Or people who have potential to heal their triggers and traumas but don’t do anything about them for years and instead reify them, acting them out repeatedly in the roles of victim, hero and perpetrator.

Your Triggers are Your Responsibility

If I trigger you.

If the world triggers you.

If you trigger you.

That is your responsibility.


Your triggers are no one else’s responsibility but yours.

One of your duties here on earth, as part of your spiritual unfoldment is to take responsibility for all of your triggers.

In pursuit of becoming trigger-less.

Like Lord Buddha, Jesus and Krishna.

Like an Awakened One.

In the Awakened State, the energy that previously triggered you is still coming at you, but you respond from a place of Unshakeable Clarity, Wisdom and Compassion.

May the pain of your every trigger be met with a desire to Liberate your self through the Path of Awakening and an Inspire a Commitment to Practicing to make it so.

Your triggers are gifts that point you Home.

Trauma Contextualization

One of the best models of human development maps us along 3 dimensions: Waking Up, Cleaning Up and Growing Up.

I write about all 3 and I think some of the confusion and critiques I’ve received about my writing would benefit from more explicit contextualization within this model.

Basically, Waking Up comprises the Spiritual Path, Cleaning Up comprises the Trauma Healing path and Growing Up comprises the journey of increasing the depth and complexity of dimensional areas like our mind, heart, worldview and skills.

While these dimensions of our being are somewhat independent, where uneven development is the norm rather than exception, (such as people with high intellect but low moral development) there are also many thresholds or necessary but not sufficient configurations.

The most relevant example of this I would like to illuminate is the relationship between Waking Up and Cleaning Up.

As Eastern Spirituality has come to the West over the last 50 years it is has been noted how much most Westerners struggle to make progress down the Eastern paths of Spiritual Awakening and Self-Realization.

It has become clear that one of the primary reasons for this lack of progress is the high prevalence of trauma in Western Culture.

And there seem to be strict limits on how much Spiritual Progress one can make if they have unresolved deep trauma.

In fact, it is advisable if one has deep trauma, to focus most of their energy on healing their trauma rather than spiritual awakening.

Progressing along the spiritual path when deep trauma is present often results in frustrated stagnation or perhaps worse, dangerous Guru Madness – where the spiritual awakening is real but is coming through the person with a frequency of disassociated trauma lurking in their shadow, often with disastrous consequences for their students.

When I say deep trauma, I’m primarily talking about traumas that occurred in early childhood such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, or unsafe home environments where domestic violence and fighting was present in the family system.

These types of traumas create deep energetic patterns within the nervous system that makes much of the natural Growing Up processes more challenging.

However, if one can source a container or foundation within themselves where the nervous system is stable and integrated, and smaller life traumas can be experienced within that container or on that foundation, than Spiritual Practice can be highly effective in healing that damage by directly cutting through its False Nature.

In summary and conclusion, whenever I am posting about Spirituality and Awakening, please assume that it is directed to people who are unburdened by deep trauma, and that those that are burdened by deep trauma have a different mountain they need to climb first.

Liberalism Has a Victim Mentality: The Opioid Crisis

Middle America has a pill based opioid crisis.

And liberals have a victim belief induced opioid crisis.

I mean seriously look at all the people who liked and shared this drug cocktail. 

If you want to take drugs and numb yourself from real living by believing you’re a victim, endlessly trapped in the trauma of your past, then follow the advice of the post in this image.

If you want to live the great adventure of chasing the destiny of your Higher Self then, naturally, follow my feed.