Most people’s desire to become a better person is WEAK.

It’s a passing wish. It’s a should. It’s not a must.

“In life you don’t get your shoulds, you get your musts.” – Tony Robbins

How much of a better person are you this year than last year?

Somebody needs to tell you:


Pick up the pace.

Work harder on yourself.

Quit making excuses.

This is my Crazy Wisdom.

You need to Increase Your Bodhicitta.

“You don’t want it bad enough. You just kind of want it” – Eric Thomas

Post-Modern Spirituality is Coddling you into Marginal Incrementalism.

Vajrayana = Accelerated Vehicle

The Singularity is Near

The World is Accelerating Faster than when Vajrayana was conceived

You need an Accelerated Accelerated Vehicle

There is not much time left

Accelerate Your Awakening

Cultivate Your Bodhicitta till it Burns Inside You

“Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light. “ – Dylan Thomas

Crazy Wisdom loves the Wrathful Deity

Someone needs to Rip off Illusion’s head in the Name of the Truth

Here’s to the Crazy Ones

Here’s to Forging Your Soul in the Cauldron of Desire’s Fire

Burning Luminously Lighter

Bringing the World’s Vibration Higher

Living like you Fucking Matter

Like you’re running out of breath

Like it’s Fucking Dire

Quit being so lame

Does my intensity trigger your ire?


Your Anger is Your Shadow Being an Ignorant Liar.

Time to the Pay the Pied Piper

Where’s your Fucking Fire?

Napoleon Hill the Father of Self-Development knew from talking to all the world’s most successful

That the foundation of evolutionary progress is Burning Desire

Finding Meaning in Life

Meaning is the true source of fulfillment in life.

Want meaning?

Cultivate Bodhicitta, take the Bodhisattva Vow and commit to becoming a Being others can take Refuge in.

Conceptual Unpacking:


Bodhicitta is a spontaneous wish to attain enlightenment motivated by great compassion for all sentient beings, accompanied by a falling away of the attachment to the illusion of an inherently existing self.

Bodhisattva Vow:

The Bodhisattva vow is the vow taken by Mahayana Buddhists to attain complete enlightenment for the sake of all sentient beings. One who has taken the vow is nominally known as a Bodhisattva.

Buddhist Refuge:

Take refuge in the Three Jewels:

1) The Buddha
2) The Dharma
3) The Sangha

The language is buddhist but the energy is universal.

The message is timeless.

Making Sense of Numbers in our Digital World

If you have an E-Commerce company or know someone who does they’ll probably find the benchmarks in this blog post pretty valuable.

We live in a world now awash in data. So the biggest challenge is not taking measurements but MAKING SENSE of them, in a way that drives insightful action.

Numbers do not speak for themselves. Working with numbers is fundamentally an abstract interpretative endeavor at every step of the way:

1. In the design of the metic
2. In the method of capture
3. In the contextual interpretation of the output
4. In the corresponding consequential actions.

The ability to know how to make sense of data and metrics is important not just for E-Commerce companies but for so many parts of our life that are influenced by data: finance, health, technology etc.

And context is always an essential sense making ingredient. And benchmarks are one of our favorites.

Here is a preview of some of E-Commerce Benchmarks.

1. Google Adwords was the paid acquisition channel with highest conversion rate
2. The average conversion rate was 1.4%, top performers 3%
3. The average Bounce rate was 57%, top performers 35%
4. The average monthly repurchase rate was 9%, top performers 16%

Read more here:

Compass E-Commerce Benchmarks for 2016

On Tolerating Shit In Your Life

A post on Community, Integrity, and Calling Out People who Cross Your Threshold Of Shit.

On Christmas an article in the NYTimes was published entitled, “A Spiritual Leader Gains Stature, Trailed by a Troubled Past”, that is essentially an exposé on Marc Gafni, rehashing old transgressions of his because he and his organizations are gaining significant power again.

The article served as a lightning rod for a large amount of latent energy to come rushing to the surface, desiring to take Marc Gafni down.

I read a fair amount of the commentary and posts being written because I know Marc, the Integral community he is a part of, and many people who are both strong supporters and detractors of him.

I am also very interested and invested in the concepts and constructs of Community, Integrity, Forgiveness, Standards and Morality.

One of the most insightful statements I read written about Marc’s past and path was that the “systematic vulnerability he is exposing is preying on those who live by the ‘benefit of the doubt’”.

The idea that “benefit of the doubt’ is a systemic vulnerability that is regularly being exploited really hit home for me.

And I began pondering a related concept I’m calling the Threshold of Shit.

What is the Threshold of Shit we’re willing to tolerate from people in our lives before we’re willing to do something about it?

I believe many people’s and their community’s Thresholds of Shit are way too high.

Thus, their life and community is interspersed and surrounded by lots of Shit.

I see people doing shitty things do other people all the time with impunity and almost zero accountability, because 1) it is not illegal and 2) the community of people close to them is willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

This includes Very Shitty things like: Treating Romantic Partners Terribly in Breaking up. Fucking over Business Partners. Exploiting Customers with Borderline Immoral Marketing.

And less Shitty, but still Shitty things like: Narcissistically ignoring anyone else’s Reality, Unwittingly Projecting Negative Emotional States Onto Other People. Not Taking Responsibility for One’s Own Actions and Energy.

I want to live in a world and community where people get called on their SHIT.

And not when it becomes a Pile of Shit…Right When They Shit. Redhanded.

1) It keeps places beautiful, smelling nice, growing, healthy and clean.

2) It actually serves the Shitter. Once they know they can’t get away with their shit, the incentives of the system are such that there are no more shitty shortcuts to get what they want. The only way to get what they want is to BECOME A BETTER PERSON.

I’m annoyed and angered by how many shitty things people get away with because the Threshold of Shit most people are willing to Tolerate is just way too high.

I won’t stand for Shitheads in my life nor shitheads in the community I’m growing.

If you shit on me or my community members you will be called out and…

Then given the opportunity to atone, improve and enter right relationship with right action.

Or if not, Taken Down by a White Hot Sword of Truth. (h/t to Adam Gordon for inspiration for the imagery wink emoticon )

Most of this post isn’t about Marc, it’s about what reading about Marc brought up for me.

I haven’t read enough or talked to enough people to have a position I’m confidently willing to get behind. But for now what I’d say is, I like much of Marc’s writing and his vision for an Integral Spiritual World, but given his past abuses of power, and the amount of mistrust that clearly surrounds him I don’t see how he can be the Leader of an Organization without betraying his own values. For if he stands for a Movement that envisions a new kind of Wise, Loving and Trustable World…but the Movement and World he wants to see come into Reality loses trust, credibility and momentum as a result of him leading it, I don’t see how he can put himself in a leadership role unless he values his own personal power and expression more than the movement and ideals he stands for.

TLDR: Don’t Tolerate Shit in Your Life. Call out the Shitheads. Enjoy Peace, Serenity, and Mutual Accelerated Growth.

Analyzing & Integrating Diverse Psychological Models

The following is a semi-long post that covers topics like: What I’ve Been Reading, Attachment Theory, Enneagram, Meditation, and the differing relationship between the Ego in Meditation in the East vs the West.


I primarily listen to audiobooks rather than read books because most of the time when I have full focus I prefer to be creating rather than consuming.

The last audiobook I listened to was Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin. It was great for what it is, though I also have some critiques and more thorough commentary.

Now I’m listening to Your Brain on Love by Stan Tatkin on the recommendation from Mikyö Clark.

I’m 20% in so far I like it though have a few critiques as well.

The book is basically about the neurobiology and neurochemistry of Love and its confluence with Attachment Theory described in a very accessible way for a lay person.

I’ve never really gotten into Attachment Theory but a lot of my friends are very into it, so this is a good way for me to go deeper.

Attachment Theory has three core styles Insecure: Avoidant, Insecure: Anxious and Secure.

Stan nicknames these types the Island, the Wave and the Anchor respectively.

Now I’m just getting to the section where he overlays those types with a polarity describing the excitability of someone’s nervous system nicknamed Airplane and Submarine.

My main normative recommendations so far:

1 – I keep seeing Personality models like Enneagram and Jungian Typology as being confounding variables in the explanatory model of Attachment Theory. It doesn’t make sense to make predictive therapeutic recommendations from just the Attachment Theory model without it’s confluent interaction with a finely detailed personality model like Enneagram. If only because Enneagram is primarily Nature based and Attachment Theory is primarily Nurture based and any good model needs to take both into account. In my ideal world someone would use the construct of Enneagram type X Attachment style as buckets in their experimental design and interpretation and I think the data would make much more sense.

2a – He indicated that no attachment style is better than another. They’re all equally good. I think this may because he’s also made no mention that attachment style can change over time

2b – I believe one should strive to do the psychology and spiritual work to become securely attached. One of the meditation lineages I’m in is actually doing a lot of interesting work to integrate Psychotherapy and Meditation. And they have developed a number of powerful meditations to rewrite one’s relationship to their parental figures and their parental orientation to reality, which is what codes one attachment style. And thus make one’s attachment style changeable and progress-able.

I posted about a meditation retreat last month led by John Churchill and Dustin DiPerna where they led some of these type of attachment theory style meditations throughout the weekend.

The integration of Psychotherapy and Meditation is actually a pretty huge spiritual innovation.
As Spiritual Meditation is designed to trigger ego-transcendent experiences. Yet most Westerners have problems with egos. And there are lot of problems that arise when one has ego-transcendent experiences before they do sufficient clean up work on their ego. Interestingly, this wasn’t historically a problem since most Contemplative Traditions came from the East where most people’s Egos didn’t really reach an Autonomous, Individuated Stage so this wasn’t a problem. This is why you also need a Developmental Psychological Lens. But now the territory is getting really complex, because humans are complex and we need complex maps to make good descriptions and recommendations for humans…and overall I’m finding Your Brain on Love a bit too simplistic so far, hoping the model continues to evolve, but a good primer nonetheless.

All for now. Hope I didn’t bore you, though probably only the hard core psych stuck around for all of this one anywaysmile emoticon

Thoughts On Art & Entrepreneurship

Alex Grey to Ken Wilber:

“Part of the trouble with art critics today is that they haven’t had mystical experiences, so their writing is always theoretical and rarely addresses the spirituality of art. When the art critic gets philosophical, they turn to the great philosophers of the 20th century, who are all sorting out the existential “realities” of life without God, or else getting lost in the complexities of language, questioning even the possibility of finding truth. Where is the spiritually inclined, philosophically minded artist to turn?” – (

This is equally true for Entrepreneurs.

Most startups are meaningfully impotent.

This is how I silently feel when I hear about most people’s startups and companies…

“Wow, that’s what you want to pour your heart and soul into?…Go upgrade your consciousness, have some mystical experiences and then go start a company…

Because right now the impact of your company on society is incremental, like God clipping his toe nails.”