Check out this article for empirical case study based proof:

Key quotes:

“[Life After Hate is an organization] founded by former white supremacist leaders in 2011, it studies the forces that draw people to hate and helps those who are willing to disengage from radical extremist movements.

Life After Hate’s approach focuses on compassion, counseling, and redemption. The idea of redeeming a white nationalist or neo-Nazi is understandably shocking to many Americans — and for many but history is full of examples of people who’ve shed their hatred and repented later in life.

Rangel is a believer. He himself comes from a life of redemption. He rejects the idea that people drawn to extremism can’t be redeemed based on his own experience.

“The rest of the team were all members of white supremacist groups and were in leadership roles. They were the core of those groups.”

“I had a lot of mental health diagnoses that said I was incorrigible, I was anti-social … basically that I couldn’t change, and yet here I am.”

“What we all have in common, for the most part, is that compassion and empathy are common themes in what helped turn us around,” he said. “What finally got through.”

That puts Rangel’s organization on the opposite side of activists and organizations that are using punitive tactics, such as online shaming and physical fights, against white nationalist groups.

The negative things that we think to do to challenge the other side only help us dig in. It’s only through kindness, it’s only through understanding, it’s only through compassion and peace that people were able to get past all of our armor. It was never aggression, it was never shaming.”

Rangel said that white nationalist organizations promote a sense of belonging to individuals who join, something that is hyper-charged by the internet — where extremist groups can confirm and exacerbate people’s fears and vulnerabilities

“We get online and then we follow a rabbit hole of algorithms that takes us down a deep but narrower path … that helps validate our concerns, helps validate what we’re afraid about, and then we realize we’re not alone,” he said. “Where it turns into extremism is when they promote this sense of social obligation as a sense of activism, and that the only way to be activist is to be violent. That’s where it goes into extremism.”

“I would say is what we would offer would come from a place of being nonjudgmental. Whatever we would talk about would definitely stay between us. And that we would like to share our own experience as Formers and share what has been helpful to us in turning around the way we participate in life … whenever they’re ready our door would be open to them.”

Critics may accuse Life After Hate of naïveté, and argue that the only way to deal with such elements of our society is with shame, not compassion.

If the goal, though, is not immediate moral satisfaction but actually reducing the strength of white supremacist movements, the more effective path may lie in empathy.

For Rangel, the dozens of white nationalists the organization has convinced to give up their past ways are proof enough to him of his approach. “I would say show me the evidence,” he replied. “Tell me not what you can think or feel but what you can prove. If you can show me someone you have shamed into changing, beaten into changing, by all means I want to see that. But I don’t think that’s the way for anyone.”


What if we created the equivalent of a Special Economic Zone for White Nationalists and called it a Special Cultural Zone (SCZ).

The deal is they can have Mississippi and a few other Deep South States to enact and preserve the White Nationalist Culture they want.

In exchange, White Nationalism is not tolerated anywhere else.

There are no White Nationalist rallies allowed in the rest of America. Confederate statues can be taken down. Swastikas are considered prohibited hate speech…etc.

Those who want to engage in White Nationalist culture can go to their designated “Safe Space”.

Federal laws still apply. There is no descent back into slavery and murderous vigilantism.

There is a year long transition period where those who don’t want to be a part of that culture can move out.

Thoughts? Could this work? Why or Why Not?

Update: My proposal is not without historical and academic precedent. A friend shared with me this paper in the comments on the arguments for and against Partitioning, with many historical case studies.


Based on the article I am advocating the position of Proceduralist Partitioning of the Deep South.



In this post I’m going to talk about one of the most important interviews of the year.

Especially if your attention is preoccupied with what’s happening in Charlottesville are afraid about the rise of White Nationalism.

It is between Charles Barkley, a famous african-american basketball legend, Gerald Griggs, a civil rights lawyer and Richard Spencer, the man who coined the term the “Alt-Right” —and is one of the leaders of the movement.

What makes this interview so important is that it exemplifies the type of conversation we need to be having and the way we need to be having it:

No, we should not be “Punching Nazis”.

We need to sit down with those we disagree with, in a calm, cool and unhysterical manner, and treat them with dignity and respect, and attempt to reach some kind of mutual understanding.

If we want real progress as an America, we can’t so easily fall into “us and them” vilifying tropes.

The Alt-Right, The White Nationalists and The Racists are people too.

Objectifying them and shaming them doesn’t do any good. It only further entrenches the divisiveness, the tension and the hate.

We need to have compassion for the Alt-Right and actually take the time to understand their perspective rather than getting in fistfights and flamewars.

They are people too. They deserve to be heard.

They aren’t evil. They believe they are right. And their worldview as an internal logic to it.

They just aren’t as consciously evolved. They are often younger souls, if you will.

I know this may be hard for many people to do who are feeling a lot of hurt, anger and fear, but you need to reflect on what’s more important:

Finding damaging and divisive outlets for your pent-up emotions or actually creating the world you want to live in?

What I love about this interview is how cleanly Charles and Gerald draw out the core assumptions and motivations driving Richard Spencer’s Behavior.

Understanding these core motivations are key, for what is perceived as reprehensible speech and behavior is an emergent property of these core ideas.

What follows is a summary and some key quotes.

Core Beliefs that Make up Richard Spencer’s Worldview and the Alt Right’s:

– They don’t want White People to lose social dominance
– They are afraid of being marginalized and becoming a minority
– They believe they still dominate the world, but the trajectory is pointing away from White Power
– Jews aren’t part of White People
– They want their great grand children to live in a White Society, a European Empire.
– They believe racial differences cannot fundamentally be breached ever. Equality and Opportunity are bullshit.
– Equality is non sense. There is no equality in nature. There is difference.

Spencer: I would never say something like I don’t like Black people, that’s not what I”m about.

Barkley: You know we don’t want anything different than what you want
Spencer: You sure about that? You just want what White People Want?!
Barkley: Yes, we just want a good family, a good job, and I want my daughter to live in a world where she doesn’t have to worry about discrimination. But in your world if you get your dream, you are going to kill our dreams that’s the problem…it’s like you want to put your foot on our throats.
*Richard Spencer smiles both knowingly and sheepishly*

Griggs: All Charles is talking about. All I’m talking about is we want those 3 American Values: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of HappinessSou
Spencer: “Sounds very Enlightment-y, Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…it sounds very…I”m tempted to say Faggy to me…woohoo…”

Griggs: “For 400 years you have oppressed my people and the rhetoric you’re spewing is more oppression. The generation I come from and the generations to come are not going to stand for that because we’re not going backwards. We’re here now whether you like the equality or not. And there’s nothing this country can do except embrace American Values for EVERYONE, and the millions of people who want to become American.

So what needs to happen right now, is you the world as you see it right now, you need to start embracing the world as we see it, and we can come to some kind of mutual understanding where we can coexist. Because this is what’s going to happen.. you’re great great great grandkids are going to be Brown.

*Richard Spencer smiles sheepishly*

Barkley: I tried to treat him with respect and dignity which I did. But in my heart I had some anger. It was frustrating and tough to listen to.

To have the America and the World so many of us want, we need to have more conversations like these, like this.


1) The Left is Eating its Own.

Bret Weinstein, someone who is in our social circle, is a professor at Evergreen who spoke out against counter-oppression being applied by black students onto white students and faculty. He was outrageously attacked and pilloried for his views.

a)…/when-the-left-turns-on-its… //

This is emblematic of a deeply troubling trend of Public Shaming and Online Lynch Mobs being conducted by a subset of those on the far Left-Wing of the political spectrum.

b) More on leftist Public Shamings and Lynchings…/twitters-rage-mob…/

2) The Left is Devolving into Authoritarianism

The Left is devolving into its own form of Authoritarianism even though it claims to be against oppression. There is a well trodden history of left leaning populists causing great societal harm and oppression.

Here is a great chart from Ray Dalio’s Bridewater Associates historical analysis on Populism. Bridgewater is the world’s largest hedge fund and they have spent considerable financial and cognitive resources to understand the dynamics behind populism because they see it emerging again, and it will have deep consequences for geo-politics and financial markets.…/Screenshot%202017-08-15%2021

The failed Russian communist experiment is probably the best example of the Authoritarian Left. Others who have studied this topic far more than I can cover this point better.

3) The Left is Hypocritical in its Relationship to Tolerance.

One of the central purported aims of the Left is promote tolerance, especially of minorities and the historically oppressed, but the left is largely intolerant of anyone who disagrees with them.

4) Large Swaths of the Left are Unwilling or Unable to Engage in Nuanced Debate

The only way to make progress on complex issues is for nuanced debate to occur. But too many on the left immediately reject views that do not easily resemble their own. Furthermore, the left is encouraging the development of incredibly thin skin: see safe spaces, micro aggressions.

These are important distinctions, but toughness and grit is just as important a skill to develop as sensitivity.

The post I wrote on Monday about James Damore’s Memo exemplified Leftist Thin Skin and the consequential unwillingness to engage in nuanced, level headed debate.. A most common tune would be:

“*I’ll try maybe once or twice to get you change your perspective to mine, but if you don’t then you must be an arrogant, entitled, out of touch, white privileged asshole and I’m unfriending you* ”

Nearly 50 people unfriended me as a result of that post.

5) Nuanced Debate Requires Cognitive Skills Most Liberals Don’t Possess or at the least Don’t Express

There are cognitive and emotional skills necessary to have a productive conversation. These skillsets involve emotional maturity and control, self-awareness, recognition of biases, rhetorical violences, conversational sleights of hand, as well as common philosophical and scientific frameworks and stabilized spiritual states and experiences.

This may feel exclusionary, but it is also a necessity. Just like one has to study to be a respectable doctor or lawyer, one has to study to be respectable cultural critic and designer.

Social Media has led to the democratization of Thought Leadership. There are downsides to this. One is that Amateur Hour is always on Display. And the amateur believes himself to be a Pro.

You may be wondering why this matters?

A) The Election of Donald Trump & the Return of Right Wing Populism

The way the left is engaging in identity politics is creating a cultural backlash. The comments on my Google Memo posted are a microcosm of the style of discourse that has led to this cultural backlash and the election of Donald Trump.

The left leaning mainstream media tried to create the narrative that Hillary’s victory was inevitable. Often projecting a 99% chance of her winning. It may have seemed this way because too many voices have been silenced. The ‘silent Trump voter’ who couldn’t stand the cultural rhetoric of the Left tipped the election. Many of these people were voting AGAINST the Left Wing rather than FOR Donald Trump.

B) Hyper-Polarization Leading to Societal Chaos and Destruction

Extremism is developing on the left and the right. Moderates are being silenced and pulled to the extremes by their own respective bases.

At this rate we are headed for Civil War, Economic Collapse, World War, and a Multi-Generational Societal Reset.

Selected Archived Facebook Comments from my post “Standing With James Damore”

Philipp Pfeiffenberger It was a really shitty analysis. No mention of social factors that are turning women off the field, jumping from “there are some bio differences therefore we should not expect 50/50” to “we should stop working towards equality”…
Like · Reply · 13 · August 14 at 5:07pm
Max Marmer
Max Marmer I would argue if it was shitty an analysis it wouldn’t have triggered the debate it has. To the contrary, it brought up an important conversations that was being shamed out of existence.
Yes, he didn’t do a great job of addressing social factors turning women off to the field, but perhaps that’s because that angle was overly covered by the incumbent institutions at Google, like the diversity training he attended that inspired the memo.
A proper analysis of nearly any human endeavor would take into account at least three perspectives: Biological, Psychological and Sociological. (
The Authoritarian Left is currently over representing the social factor due its historical underrepresentation and underrepresenting the biological and psychological factors that James Damore emphasized. This is unhealthy reductionism that will lead to suboptimal outcomes all around.
He didn’t come to the conclusion we should stop working towards equality. That was your ideological bias improperly filtering his argument, which is worth self-reflecting on.
Here’s what he actually said,
“I hope it’s clear that I’m not saying that diversity is bad, that Google or society is 100% fair, that
we shouldn’t try to correct for existing biases, or that minorities have the same experience of
those in the majority. My larger point is that we have an intolerance for ideas and evidence that
don’t fit a certain ideology. I’m also not saying that we should restrict people to certain gender
roles; I’m advocating for quite the opposite: treat people as individuals, not as just another
member of their group (tribalism).”

Why the Models Probably Underestimate Bernie Sanders chance of Winning the Democratic Nomination

Predict Wise gives Bernie Sanders an 18% of chance of winning the Democratic Nomination.

Without studying the model, I think that is a grave underestimate.

I would give Bernie Sanders an intuitive Bayesian Prior of 65% of winning the Democratic Nomination right now.

Whether I move that number up or down depends on the unfolding skillful means of his campaign team.

Bernie Sanders has struck an incredibly powerful chord. A movement is brewing that will accrue exponential momentum that these models aren’t forecasting.

I think my facebook feed is a powerful early adopter signal and it is overwhelmingly pro-Bernie. And Bernie will Successfully Cross Geoffrey Moore’s Chasm.

Here are 5 big presumptive flaws in the current prediction model that puts Bernie at 18%, but will eventually tip the scales in his favor:

1. The Apathetic, Disenfranchised Millennial

Most pollsters expect this demographic to not come out to vote because they haven’t come out in the past. But they haven’t come out in the past because they believe the system is fundamentally broken. And the system is fundamentally broken, but now there’s finally a candidate who represents the viewpoint that system is fundamentally broken. So Bernie Sanders is activating a huge well of energy that was considered off the map. I see him tapping into the same energy of Hope and Change that Obama tapped into but was unable to fully deliver on, in part because he was too much of diplomat and not enough of a fighter. Bernie actually has the character disposition, track record and values to pick up where Obama left off.

He is tapping into an authentic moral developmental sequence of the universe. For those who know Integral Spiral Dynamics, he is the first full spectrum Green candidate, unlike Obama and Hillary who are Orange/Green. [Orange and Green roughly stand for Modernism and Post-Modernism] .

2. The Socialized Mind

There have been a plethora of tropes about Bernie Sanders not being capable of winning. Now that results have come in Iowa, he undeniably has to be taken seriously. He will likely win New Hampshire because it’s near his home state and then he will have a ton of momentum.

The Majority of American voters are in the psychological stage of development that Harvard Developmental Psychologists Robert Kegan would call the Socialized Mind. Essentially this means people primarily make decisions based on what their social circle is doing rather than really critically thinking for themselves.

When a population is made up primarily of people who are Socialized Minds, that population is incredibly susceptible to momentum.

3. The Socialized Mind Momentum Swing will Trigger a Bernie Sanders Fundraising Tidal Swell

We already saw the legitimizing effect the Iowa Caucus had on Sanders’ fundraising efforts yesterday: he raised 3 Million dollars in one day — his biggest day ever.

I expect his fundraising success to continue to in a positive feedback loop:
Appears more credible -> Raises more money -> Runs a more effective campaign -> Gets Results -> Appears more credible

4. Mainstream Media Indicators vs. Social Media indicators

The mainstream media has ignored Bernie. Yet Bernie has succeeded anyway. Mainstream media influences linearly and static-ly. The models and pundits underestimate the viral, interactive nature of social media.

5. Winning the Black Vote

The models say he struggles with this demographic. But that’s probably because he looks like a white grumpy grandpa who is easily dismissed on first impression. And Clinton has long time name recognition with Southern born Bill Clinton serving them well.

All the aforementioned factors will force Bernie to be seriously considered rather than dismissed on first impression.

Black leaders like Cornell West saying Bernie Sanders stands on the legacy of Martin Luther King will tip the scales in his favor.

I must admit — 3 years ago I posted I thought Hillary Clinton had probably better than 80% chance of being the next President of the United States.(

I did not see Bernie coming.

But I’m very glad The Bern has arrived.

Reflections on the DNC Shutting Down Bernie Sanders’ Campaign’s Access to the Voter File

The Status Quo of both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party is Fucked.

This incident just further entrenched Hilary Clinton into the FUCKED Category.

A message from the Bernie Sanders Campaign on “The Incident”:

“Rather incredibly, the leadership of the DNC has used this incident to shut down our ability to access our own information, information which is the lifeblood of any campaign. This is the information about our supporters, our volunteers, the lists of people we intend to contact in Iowa, New Hampshire and elsewhere. This is information that we have worked hard to obtain. It is our information, not the DNCs.

In other words, by their action, the leadership of the Democratic National Committee is now actively attempting to undermine our campaign. This is unacceptable. Individual leaders of the DNC can support Hillary Clinton in any way they want, but they are not going to sabotage our campaign – one of the strongest grassroots campaigns in modern history.

We are announcing today that if the DNC continues to hold our data hostage, and continues to try to attack the heart and soul of our campaign, we will be in federal court this afternoon seeking an immediate injunction.”

It’s the Continuation of Crony Capitalism, Special Interest Corporate Corruption and DEMOSCELEROSIS at its Richest.

(definition of demoscelerosis: government’s progressive loss of the ability to adapt as a side-effect of the postwar style of politics that emphasizes interest-group activism and redistributive programs)

I love the way Bernie is handling this incident. It emboldens my FAITH about the QUALITY of President he would be.

Truth be told Al Gore and John Kerry both probably beat George W. Bush in their respective Elections due to the shady strategies and tactics Dick Cheney Masterfully Engineered. But honestly, neither Gore nor Kerry DESERVED to win. Because they didn’t know how to FIGHT.

Dirty players ALMOST ALWAYS stand in the way of Justice, Truth Goodness, and VICTORY.


Most people whine about how life is UNFAIR. The GREAT ONES OVERCOME any and all Adversity.

Here’s to hoping Bernie Sanders can use this Dirty Tactic employed by Hilary Clinton and her Acolytes to TURN the TABLES against her and in doing so DISRUPT the Status Quo of American Governance — Lighting the way to a bright early 21st century of Global Politics.

Bernie’s Biggest Obstacle to the Presidency of the United States is Hilary Clinton. Not the GOP — they continue to prove themselves as incredibly dysfunctional and lost.

Hilary Clinton’s group would not have employed this tactic if they were not SCARED of Bernie Sanders. And the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries are known to be quite the tone setter and tide turners.

So, from a Systemic Simulatory Perspective perhaps the most important battle for Global Politics for the next decade is being WAGED RIGHT NOW.

I’ve been rather disinterested in the General Election so far, waiting for the Election Process to truly RIPEN before giving it Attention (Trump is just a bombastic, self-promoting, eventually impotent distraction…)…but now it looks like it’s time I punch my ticket to the Main Event…it has begun!