You Do Realize There Is No Outside World, Right?

There is no outside world.
There is no you.
There is no them.
Everything in your reality is just a constructed representation, created by your mind.
Light waves hit your eyes, sound waves hit your ears, rain drops hit your skin.
And your brain takes in that data, discards the vast majority of it, and generates a coherent yet false simulation of reality that you call your life.
It is all quite insubstantial, really.
Like vapor rising from a steam pot.
Like a breeze moving through a field.
Like a movie projected on a screen.
What do you do with this information?
You Wake Up.
You Lighten Up.
You Love Up.
You co-create this radically beautiful, indescribably profound dream with an infallible sense of freedom, wholeness and devotion.
Knowing all at once that you are an aspect of God.
Yes, you.
You are Divine.

Do Not Do a Vipassana Retreat. Do Not Practice Transcendental Meditation. Do Not Pass Go.

If you would like to progress quickly along the spiritual path through meditation, do not go to a Vipassana retreat.
Do not practice transcendental meditation.
Do not learn from a teacher whose central teaching is mindfulness.
These are all inferior methods that will likely slow down your progress for years, leave you stuck in meditative eddies, leave you feeling frustrated, and will likely lead to you giving up on meditation as a transformational practice.
I have seen this happen to too many people.
There are many far better options for learning how to meditate.
For the sake of all beings,
Heed these words of caution.

Pithy Post Potpourri — Fall/Winter 2017

A collection of this season’s bite-sized posts.


Most biohackers into nootropics (smart drugs) have Enneagram 5 in their Tritype (the introverted mental personality type), and they biohack because they attach a significant portion of their self-worth to their intellect.
If this is you, or you know someone like this, let it be known that you are already smart enough to accomplish your goals, be respected by your peers, and be loved by another.
Don’t biohack from lack.
You are already enough.



If your iPhone can wirelessly send music into your headphones from across your house,
Do you really think the Creator doesn’t already have even better invisible technology to whisper in your ear?


The dentist is a great place to practice Emptiness of Sensation.
The meditation is to see all sense objects arising in the field of awareness, independent of an arising sense of self and to locate the spaciousness of all pain, dissolving its ordinary concrete form, attached to an illusory identity.
And that is an example of how to use any seemingly unpleasant event for the Transformation of Consciousness.


“Our bodies are a reflection of our physical standards.
They are not a reflection of our desires.
Most people have a desire for more energy or a better body.
[But] We don’t get our goals [or our desires] we get our ‘Musts’.
– Tony Robbins
Thus if you are Fat, Overweight or just want to get in Better Shape…
Raise Your Standards.
And Stop Making Excuses.
Instead, Make a Commitment.
And no fucking Cheat Days.
As I’ve said before, Cheat Days are for Wimps.
You have to be 100% Committed to your Goals.
Any slack you leave yourself will expand, multiply and fester until IT WINS and you FAIL.
“If you want to take the fucking island then burn your fucking boats,
And you will take the island.
Because when people are either going to die or succeed, they tend to succeed.
But most of us give ourselves a way out and that’s why we don’t have what we want.”

– Tony Robbins


What is your opinion on channeled systems?

What channeled systems have you studied and found the most powerful? What is the role of the channeler and their psychological healthiness or spiritual depth?

What are the pros and cons of a channeler who lacks the modulating function of a lineage?

How do you sort through and integrate the truths and differentiate the distortions?

How do you think about channeled systems epistemologically, if at all?

Do you consider yourself to be a channeler? How much? How much is conscious vs. unconscious? Is channeling something everybody does and they just don’t realize it?



Deep down most people are incredibly attached to the idea that either:

Everything matters


Nothing matters

The Divine Truth is that both are True.

And until you are completely comfortable with that non-duality you will never be truly Alive, Empowered and Free.


Often when people in the business world criticize something as being ‘too academic’ what they’re really saying is,

“I’m not smart enough or committed enough to learn a new set of concepts well enough to apply it to my circumstances.”

Remember as Einstein said, “Make things as simple as possible but no simpler”.

And that there is great power in mastering the complex, so that you may wield the cutting clarity of its illumination to vanquish the tasks that lie before you.

“Precision beats power and timing beats speed.” – Conor Mcgregor


The roots of suffering are not the traumatic events that happened to you.

The roots of suffering are the beliefs you formed when traumatic events happened to you.

Uncover these often deeply unconscious beliefs like, “the world is not safe”, “I deserved it”, “I was victimized” or “I’m not good enough”,

…and you will have the opportunity to dissolve and transform these beliefs, alleviating your suffering.


I know lots of people spending exorbitant amounts of time, energy and money on healing.

Yet I know very few people who consider themselves healed.

Is anyone else thinking,

“Something is efficaciously wrong here..

With such a low return on investment maybe people are going about healing the wrong way and should find a new approach to improving their lives?”


Successfully meditate on the illusory nature of your self and successfully meditate on your death and you will be free to truly live.


Do you have anything you believe in strongly enough that you are willing to die for it?

If not you are living within the constriction of an overly Ego centric narrative and will never truly taste the sweetest, most delightful fruits this world has to offer.


Only losers regularly take stimulants and depressants to reach their target state of consciousness.

Winners generate their target state of consciousness from within.

Winners regularly supplement only with that which builds long term productive capacity.

Yes, I’m talking to you, you loser Caffeine and Alcohol abusers.

Learn to become a Winner.

Your Body and Life will thank you for it.


The Trans-Humanist, Life Extensionist, Rationalists have it All Wrong.
The Death of the Personality is Exquisitely Beautiful, Evolutionarily Necessary and Spiritually Righteous.
The Soul is Already Immortal.


Most of you are Failing the Test.
Fortunately, Spirit Grants Infinite Re-Examinations.
Re-Applications Require Sincerity, Purity of Motive, and Indefatigable Commitment.
Let me know if you’d like me to put in a Good Word Upstairs.


How free are you in the present moment to moment?

How much baggage do you carry from the past?

How tight do you clench your body about your future?

What is holding you back from forgiveness and release?


“Stress is not an inherent property of events themselves. It is a function of how we label and react to them.” – Bessel Van Der Kolk

In other words, Stress is inversely proportional to your Self-Mastery.

Master your self and stress will melt away like snowflakes being caressed by the rays of the sun.


We are not only Human Beings.

We are also Human Becomings.

Human Becoming Beings.


Developmental Levels for how Social Systems React to Trauma

Here’s a rough developmental framework I just sketched out on how social systems react to trauma:

Level 1 – stigmatize all trauma as weakness
Level 2 – Accept trauma responses and provide compassion
Level 3 – Provide healing modalities and environments where trauma healing can potentially occur (although it often doesn’t effectively)
Level 4 – Hold individuals and practitioners to standards of quality and accountability where healing actually takes place instead of endless therapy with marginal improvement in life conditions.

Most of the social systems I am in are in level 3.

Many of my posts are about how to go from level 3 to level 4, such as many of my posts which have a theme self-responsibility over normalizing arrested development via limiting stories of victimization.

Or people who have potential to heal their triggers and traumas but don’t do anything about them for years and instead reify them, acting them out repeatedly in the roles of victim, hero and perpetrator.

Restorative Justice vs. Punitive Justice in the #MeToo Movement

As so many men who committed sexual assault now deservedly get their comeuppance, please be mindful of the difference between:

Punitive Justice and Restorative Justice.

Misandry and Gender Equality.

Retaliative Violence and Seeking Consequences Proportional to the Transgression.

Rage and Anger can be transmuted into Clarity around Right Relationship, Right Action and Right Boundaries.

Or they can Possess people like a Demon.

Enabling the Unconscious perpetuation of the same long-range embedded Societal cycles of negative Karma.

Before acting, ask yourself, “Does my energy support the emergence of the World I want my children to live in?”

Jim Carrey Further Explains His Viral Existential Interview

Jim Carrey further explains his viral existential interview in this article.
Here’s what you need to know:
You are not you.
I am not Max.
Max doesn’t really exist.
At least not how you think Max does.
You don’t really exist either.
At least not how you think you exist.
Max is a useful personality construction, embodied in a continuous evolvingly soul.
Max’s Soul is simply an aspect of Spirit playing the character Max Marmer for a little while.
You are this too.
Even when you forget.
It is always already the case.
Read the article and ask me any questions you have in the comments about what is confusing, hard to understand or feels wrong.

Original Interview: