Transmission from Higher Realms (Video)

At our community New Years Eve party of about 100 people I was invited to perform in what turned out to be my first live dance performance.

I’ll share the video of the live performance and some reflections on the experience when I receive it.

In the meantime, many people asked me to share the video I made that was projected on the screen behind me to go along with the performance.

I took a ‘wearefromthefuture’ video as the base, and then spent countless hours remixing the audio and video, integrating many of my own compilations to invoke the transmission of my intention.


The Passion You Need to Unlock the Life of Your Higher Self

This is the spirit and passion you need to unlock the life of your Higher Self:

“There’s no excuse for not living up to your full potential!”

“I didn’t get a new daddy, I didn’t get a new mama? What changed? I changed!”

“I’m going to everything in my power, every single day to become a Victor and not a Victim!”

“We want people to make guarantees to us, but we aren’t willing to make guarantees to ourself!”

“You never looked yourself in the mirror and said you let you down. You owe you an explanation.”

“It’s Not About the Nail!” – On Being Ready to Heal

At our Christmas Gathering we had some beautiful discussions about how to help friends heal from trauma and get unstuck in life.

But sometimes no matter what you do or how you are with some people they aren’t ready to transform.

The deeper truth is that we often have karmic contracts where we have to be in an experience of pain and suffering for a certain length of time before we are ready for change.

When we ultimately do heal and transform, the solution was often starring us in the face for a long period before, we just weren’t ready to receive it.

“It’s not about the nail!”

Who is the Real You?

Who is the Real You?

Let Alan Watts remind you.

And on Christmas Day remember that while your Soul is a unique Individuated Essence of Spirit…

A drop in the Ocean, if you will.

Remember your Spirit, in the great Holarchical Chain of Being, is none other than the Spirit of the Cosmic Christ…

Spaciously identified as the Entire Ocean of Existence itself.