Thoughts On Art & Entrepreneurship

Alex Grey to Ken Wilber:

“Part of the trouble with art critics today is that they haven’t had mystical experiences, so their writing is always theoretical and rarely addresses the spirituality of art. When the art critic gets philosophical, they turn to the great philosophers of the 20th century, who are all sorting out the existential “realities” of life without God, or else getting lost in the complexities of language, questioning even the possibility of finding truth. Where is the spiritually inclined, philosophically minded artist to turn?” – (

This is equally true for Entrepreneurs.

Most startups are meaningfully impotent.

This is how I silently feel when I hear about most people’s startups and companies…

“Wow, that’s what you want to pour your heart and soul into?…Go upgrade your consciousness, have some mystical experiences and then go start a company…

Because right now the impact of your company on society is incremental, like God clipping his toe nails.”

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