I’m building a new business so I only have the capacity to work with a couple new people. Contact me here for inquiries.

I can support you in changing your life.

I am armed with a large brain, a big heart and a giant toolbox to support you in making the dramatic changes you need to create the life of your dreams.

I will support you with:

Life Purpose:

  • Discovering your life purpose
  • Aligning your daily life with your life purpose
  • Eliminating the major blocks that are holding them back in life
  • Understanding how their gifts fit in the larger evolutionary trajectory of where humanity is going


  • Understanding yourself better thru personality models and developmental psychology


  • Finding and tapping into your essence
  • Understanding the spiritual landscape and how to find the tradition, lineage and set of practices best suited to you
  • Becoming a Skilled Meditator and Walking Down the Timeless Path


  • Understanding your partner’s and friend’s psychology
  • Becoming a better communicator
  • Working with masculine and feminine energy in oneself and in relationship
  • Cultivating authentic, trustable, confident masculine energy

Productivity Systems:

  • Setting up Productivity Systems


  • Hacking Diet, Supplements, Sleep, Physical Fitness all for Abundant Energy, Mental Clarity and Pervasive Well Being

Here are some of the methodologies I use and people whose works I’ve studied:

Psychology: Enneagram, Myers Briggs, Neurolinguistic Programming, Spiral Dynamics, Integral Theory, Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill

Spirituality: Tibetan Buddhism, Mindfulness, Joseph Campbell, Ken Wilber

Relationship & Sexuality: David Deida, Mantak Chia, Landmark

Biohacking: High Intensity Interval Training, Energy Management, Getting Things Done, Bulletproof

Foresight: Strategic Foresight, The Technological Singularity

How I like to work:

I work mostly by phone and skype but often like to combine this with periodic deep dive immersive sessions.

Who I like and I don’t like to work with:

I like to work with people who are committed to transforming themselves and the world.

Who understand that creating an extraordinary life requires extraordinary commitment.

I don’t like to work with people who are looking for a quick fix.

Tapping the Power of the Tribe:

I have a diverse network of friends who do personal coaching work, and we often do referrals amongst each other and sometimes if requested we even work together as a powerful coordinated team.

My network includes: doctors, nutritionists, yoginis, dakinis, sexual healers, therapists, relationship coaches, astrologers, dance teachers, meditation teachers, spiritual counselors and bodyworkers.

When the circumstances are right, we can make magic happen.

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