Reflections on a Recent Meditation Retreat & Spirituality in the Age of the Internet

Thank you for all the Birthday wishes while I was gone. I very much appreciated the feeling of connectedness.

I returned home last night from a week long Tibetan Mahamudra Retreat in Boston with Dan Brown, one of the foremost masters in the West of this powerful ancient school of wisdom and spirituality.

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I am very careful when I select any new form of information to absorb, especially new teachers. My intention is to select the most powerful, cutting edge knowledge with the highest signal to noise ratio I can while taking on as few outdated beliefs, blind spots and pathologies as possible.

Up until now in my spiritual path, I have been fortunate to live in a day and age where the teachings of so many incredibly developed humans is readily accessible in the emerging omni-present global brain that engulfs the globe — albeit in towns tucked away in oft-overlooked exits off the information super highway — enabling me to forge a unique multidisciplinary and multi-perspectival path unencumbered by the inevitable historical limitations of having to submit to a single teacher or philosophy to have access to a stream of wisdom.

With regard to meditation in particular, I was not willing to absorb, what I recognized and had confirmed to be the impurities and diluted practices of much of the meditation practice that made it to the West, most prominently Theravadan, Vipassana style Buddhist meditation.

Due to the path I’ve taken this retreat was simultaneously a critical learning experience and a refreshing review. Through my many previous virtual teachers, I had visited and internalized all the major stations we walked on the path this week, and stabilized most in my awareness to some degree, but none of my previous teachers had covered the territory with this degree of precision and with such a comprehensive set of strength building tools.

I return home with a deeper grounding and orientation for the progress and realizations I have autodidactly attained, and the knowledge I needed to. thru diligent practice, enable sprouted seeds to flourish further.

An overview of the week might be described as:

– Walking Asanga’s 9 Stage Elephant path in the quest of taming the Wild Elephant of our minds and stabilizing concentration (automatic samadhi)

– Purifying our minds with awareness meditation by clearing away the obscuring clouds of Self-Representation, Emotions, Thoughts and Time through the recognition of their inherent Emptiness.

– Opening up the true fresh, simple, non-dual nature of mind by opening awakened awareness to itself.

I am looking forward to the adventures that lie further down this path.

I definitely recommend you check out this most potent lineage, which is intimately connected to the Dalai Lama’s tradition and its on going quest to properly transmit Buddhism to the west.

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