The Lessons of Depression

My girlfriend Eleanor Tara wrote an awesome article on the Lessons of Depression:

Here are her top 3 habit changing recommendations to Overcome Depression:

Habit Change #1: Putting things into our bodies that make us depressed → Putting things into our bodies that help us heal

Habit Change #2: Staying in misaligned relationships and careers → Letting go of what no longer serves us

Habit Change #3: Not paying attention to our surroundings → Consciously choosing our environment

What I love most about her article is how she frames the experience of depression not as an illness to be medicated away, but rather as an experience that is trying to teach us something very important about ourselves.

And how learning these lessons is essential for us to align our lives with our highest purpose and our soul’s deepest calling.

I have experienced extended episodes of depression multiple times in my life, have supported numerous friends through depression myself, and consider it a very important topic that I plan to continue to write about. This is a beautiful and wise article that is deeply aligned with my own experience, perspective and recommendations.

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