Transmission from Higher Realms (Video)

At our community New Years Eve party of about 100 people I was invited to perform in what turned out to be my first live dance performance.

I’ll share the video of the live performance and some reflections on the experience when I receive it.

In the meantime, many people asked me to share the video I made that was projected on the screen behind me to go along with the performance.

I took a ‘wearefromthefuture’ video as the base, and then spent countless hours remixing the audio and video, integrating many of my own compilations to invoke the transmission of my intention.


  • Will Anderson

    Max, thank you for your moving and inspiring video. It’s motivating through the perspective you bring to this video and also humbling, hopeful as we are reminded of the immense context of the universe we forget. Looking forward to more.