Twitter Roundup

I don’t know about you, but as activity on social media sites has surged the last year, I’ve found a lot more noise in my feeds and as result of my projects getting more serious I’ve had less time to sift. I know I’m missing a lot of interesting things people have to say and always find aggregation and curation helpful.

At my friend Tyler Willis‘ urging I signed up for the daily venture hacks email digest and they’ve been doing a terrific job of synthesizing important articles being written within the startup community.

In that spirit, here is an aggregation of my enduring tweets from the last few weeks:

  • The more you know the more you realize you dont know. But the more you know the more you can do. The goal is ability not absolute knowledge
  • Two consec 20 hr weeks != one 40 hour week of productivity. Off/on ramps to a project are long. Sustained focus super important. Batch.
  • The hedonic treadmill is so real. It’s great for accomplishment and progress but lame for happiness. Reflection of your path charted is key.
  • The right plan is critical. It’s not sufficient because the hard work is in the execution but executing well on the wrong thing is worthless
  • Time expectations: 3-5 hours are minimal if you’re coming from an empty schedule but fitting it in is a huge challenge if already maxed out
  • Good plans have agility & unpredictability built in. Bad plans steer you away from possibility of making bigger realizations.
  • A lot of smart is continuously eliminating false beliefs & building a repertoire of building blocks that construct increasing truthfulness
  • Authors of Made to Stick argue that mental simulation of the past is more effective then simulating the future. Counterintuitive. Pg 211-213
  • The music genome project aimed to “Capture the essence of music at the fundamental level”. The human genome captures humanity at a fund lvl?
  • Finished the checklist manifesto, excited by its potential. Its simplicity appears vapid but the way it interacts w cognition is profound
  • Noticed at the airport people are much happier at arrivals than departures. True with most things in life? Ppl seek comfort not uncertainty.
  • “Narcissists don’t care how you feel, whether you like them or not, they just want you to be in their movie. Apathy is your only weapon.”
  • “At times stories are ink-blot tests of what’s going on in the life of the reader.” – Steve Blank
  • “Many designers don’t measure real world impact. Many design orgs & schools give out awards for designing products that never get built” – Eric Ries
  • Great learning tool: ability to chat live w people reading the same blog post/article. Or easily see friends who have read the post. Exist?
  • One of my big irritations is when people make a mistake and I fix it, but they are unwilling to learn what went wrong so it doesn’t reoccur.
  • Customer Discovery provides a good way to inch into a startup idea partime before quitting your job and going full throttle.
  • Sean Ellis & Steve Blank measure PMF dif bc theyre talking about B2C vs B2B (& respectively Gratification vs. ROI are the important metrics)
  • The all things D interview with Steve Jobs makes me think a lot of the portrayals of Jobs as a dictator has some truth but is mostly wrong.
  • We all have tons of assumptions in our mental model of the world. Surrounding urself with smart ppl makes you more likely to adopt good ones