The Max Marmer List Re-Awakens

Re-posting the reboot email of the email list, now 23,000 strong.

This email marks my first email update since June 2019.

It was not long after that time that I realized I needed to execute a major pivot or strategic reorganization for the multi-decade long, multi-dimensional ecosystem it is part of my life mission to construct.

Further development of both TrueSelf and Startup Science were put on indefinite pause, but will be rebooted sometime in 2021.

For those familiar with the Integral Models of Consciousness regularly articulated in synthesized and upgraded form in my decade plus of work, it is plain to understand that Capital is attached to people at particular Levels of Consciousness and they generally only fund projects at their own Level of Conscious Development or lower.

I.e. The Orange Level also known as Modernists/ Rationalists/Materialists/Traditional Capitalists — fund projects that advance their worldview.

During my time fundraising for TrueSelf over the course of a few years, where I raised ~$600,000 over two rounds, I discovered the financial field of Integral Consciousness is virtually non-existent. Now, in some ways as a result, I have turned my attention to initiating my dharmic instantiation of this financial field and ecosystem myself. From a Normative Systems Theory Perspective, I have deemed this to be one of the most important choke points and leverage points for the future flourishing of Humanity in the 21st century.

Fortunately, I had already began prototyping projects in this domain in 2015 as the realization of the importance of building a new set of financial institutions anchored at a higher level of consciousness began to intuitively seep into my awareness.

When I finally positioned all my projects and life structure into a new form of stabilization in the Spring of 2020, I was able to effectively and efficiently focus my attention on the new strategic direction of building the financial infrastructure for the next paradigm.

Within the Startup Science Framework, which I have pioneered through my work as a founder of the StartupGenome and Startup Science, I can confidently claim we have Product/Market Fit and Problem/Solution Fit across a variety of these financial institutions, with successfully prototyped offerings with 7, 8 and 9 figure clients, that includes a repeatable, systematic input process and an output that has generated results in the top 1% of all hedge funds in the world in 2020, on an incredibly leanly financed and sparsely populated operation.

My business partners and I are getting ready to begin opening our doors to explore working with aligned individuals from our wider respective networks and advance each project into its next stage of the Startup Lifecycle —as defined by the Startup Science Management Science Paradigm.

Expect to see next level financial services in the realms of High Net Worth Wealth Management, Financial Education and Seed Funds in the coming months.

(Relatedlywe have a lot of positions we are currently hiring for, or would love advisors for, so if you or someone you know would resonate with this call to arms, do reach out with a link to a linkedin profile, bio and introduction).

One public offering I have created where this work is being seeded is a free Facebook group called “Multi-Dimensional Money and Investing”, that now has a few hundred members and is growing quickly after a light soft launch a few weeks ago. You’re welcome to join if you feel called.

I created this facebook group a few weeks ago primarily as a way of giving back by exploring how I could pass along some of the knowledge, wisdom and tips I can relatively easily dispense, since I’m already so heavily immersed in the financial fields everyday, anyway.

I hope it can help my values-aligned friends not only make more money, but more importantly learn how to think about the multi-dimensional nature of money and investing, so they can be on their way to creating more financial abundance and freedom in their life — sparking a virtuous cycle as they use this freedom and abundance to create the better world that is collectively ours and ultimately the one *I AM*.

In the midst of this strategic transition, I chose to cease publicly releasing my writing — taking a break of writing anything on social media for over a year. I restarted my writing on my 30th birthday with a Facebook post in early September.

In the 4 months since, I’ve continued to write actively on my Facebook page but have not shared my work in larger public channels as I have formerly done.

This Newsletter update marks the beginning of that phase transition.

I will likely migrate key pieces from my last 4 months of writing on Facebook to my blog for both accessibility and posterity’s sake — but in the meantime you can find my content on my Facebook page here.

A majority of my posts, essays and video transmissions are public and as such you can find them when you follow me there. For many years, Facebook has been my first channel of public release, where I am able to feel its essential effect as it hits other beings outside of my own worldspace, which then gives me the chance to further refine my work and share it in more scalable channels such as this email list, which has grown quite large over the years.

Another major development in my life is I have entered into deep union with the gorgeously potent, unmistakably disruptive Feminine Being known as Gillian Pothier. We met in May 2019 and within 2 months soon found ourselves spending everyday together as we adventured to numerous power spots around the world, from idyllic mountain villages to Kauai to Sedona.

We have now set temporary, indefinite roots down in the majestic mountains of Santa Barbara with an ever present view of the sea from the windows of our home.

Gillian is the yin to my yang and a keeper of the Codes of Feminine Eros. She is known for writing Facebook essays that ripple through the social media collective with potent, eloquent, incisive Feminine Grace. In fact the virality of her first essay on Facebook that cascaded into my field from multiple directions was how we struck up our first conversation. You can follow her on Facebook here.

Together, we hold a Powerful Polarized Field as we rest in our respective Masteries of the Masculine and Feminine Energetics. We are just beginning to reveal more of our relationship to the world, sharing and teaching from our lived experience, modeling highly polarized, energetic templatization to the Collective for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

On Monday night we recorded our first live stream together giving a situational update on the Great Awakening that is currently taking place on Earth.


Stay tuned.

To your Multi-Dimensional Great Awakening,


Cambridge Analytica, Trump, and Societal Evolution

In case you were believing or wondering if Cambridge Analytica explains how and why Trump was elected and if you should be pissed at Facebook by extension…Don’t.

Because it doesn’t.

And you’d be missing for the forest for the trees in the larger messy trajectory of the evolution of society and culture.

Trump is a catalytic force for cultural transformation, perfectly tapping into the dynamic tensions and dysfunctions in society at large, bringing shadows to the surface so they may be seen and transformed or perhaps lived through more deeply until they are ready to be cleared.

He is a big part of carrying out the necessary evolutionary self-correction of cultural evolution as the status quo of liberal post-modernism failed in too many aspects of societal leadership and did not possess the capacity to break through the glass ceiling to the next level of cultural evolution. Therefore, culture is taking a step back with the Trump presidency, to self-reflect, clean and chart a new course in preparation to take two steps forward.

Biological and Cultural Evolution are smarter than we are and from the right perspective one can see how Evolution has never made a mistake.

The Trump Presidency isn’t a mistake.

It is necessary.

All is as it should be.

And if you feel a burning desire to fight or #resist then do that too, because that’s as it should be.

Ecstatic Dance and the Energy of Life

Ecstatic dance has become one of the primary ways I’ve come to tap into the vital energy of life itself.

Continual practice and refinement remove any of the self conscious and energetic blocks between the celestial nature of my Soul and the primal nature of my body.

Dance gets my blood flowing and my emotional state elevated. Our emotional and mental bodies are inextricably connected to our physical bodies. So anything stuck in my heart or head I can find and transform through movement and dance.

I take the energetic force of this movement driven cultivation and transmute it into my purpose supporting the flourishing and awakening of humanity as an entrepreneur, writer and guide, and transmute it into a fiery loving aliveness for all that is and for all who are here.

Appearance on Men Of Purpose Podcast

I have a new podcast appearance on the Men on Purpose Podcast that I’m excited to share with you.

Here’s how Emerald Peaceful GreenForest the host of the show describes it:

“Speaking of BURSTING – I’m bursting with excitement to bring the Magnificent Max Marmer to you today – listen CAREFULLY to this interview – you could review it maybe several times – pause, let the words really sink in and then go listen again!

Max is THAT kind of guy – who when he opens his mouth or more accurately directs his energy and intention – amazing things happen! There is so much juice in this interview I seriously want to make the time to listen again myself.

We covered a huge range of topics from Biohacking to Startups to stock trading to confidence to dancing to what it means to be a polymath. WHEW! Please, I’m asking SERIOUSLY, listen with focused attention to today’s episode.

How do you develop the courage to jump off a ledge and ‘assemble a plan on the way down’? Max Marmer believes that confidence comes from knowing who you are and developing that. So what tools are out there to help you achieve that kind of self-understanding and clarity of purpose? And how exactly do you practice stepping into your courage, developing confidence as part of your skill set?
Today, Max sits down with Emerald to explore his early awareness of multidimensionality and how he navigates between maps and territory to further his understanding of himself and the universe. He explains the concept of biohacking, sharing how he utilizes its principles to increase his energy and mental sharpness. Max walks us through the life cycle of a successful startup, discussing how self-awareness and clarity of purpose have contributed to his confidence as an entrepreneur and the dynamic tools for self-understanding offered by his new company TrueSelf. Listen in for Max’s insight around the power of integrating across disciplines and the opportunity for men to design a new model of masculinity in the current cultural moment.

What You Will Learn
Max’s early awareness of multidimensionality

How Max navigates between maps and territory to understand himself, the universe

How Max leverages biohacking to increase energy and mental clarity

Max’s take on the crossover between the inner and outer world

How Max uses applied kinesiology to identify his body’s needs

The life cycle of a successful startup





The idea of confidence as a practice and a skill

How self-understanding and purpose informs confidence

How Max employs faith to endure the darkness of the ‘crash and burn’

How Max’s new company TrueSelf offers dynamic tools for self-understanding

The definition of a polymath

How power and innovation comes from integrating across disciplines

The opportunity to develop a new model of masculinity in this cultural moment”.

And I encourage you to check out episodes with other Purpose-Driven Brothers Michael Hrostoski and Satyen Raja

“In the dance of infatuation, we see others not as they are, but as projections of who we want them to be. And we impose on them all the imaginary criteria we think will fill the void in our hearts.” – Neil Strauss

Powerful Female Voices Healing the Current Cultural Masculine/Feminine Divide


I am grateful for the continued presence in my feed of strong, powerful, fiery, articulate female voices lighting the path forward towards the higher forms of Masculine/Feminine relationship in this disorienting time of old form gender deconstructionism.

From Maria Palumbo:

Masculine, society has done you a disservice.

We have told you to kill your soul fire, as to not offend us.

Be nice husbands, good fathers, have a moral life and do not do the wrong thing, or else. But that keeps you from doing anything at all.

We have told you to ask politely for what you want and never own us.

We ask you to smile sweetly, never push, never demand, never hunger.

To be a washed out version of a man.

You have been walking around like a sexual anorexic in the name of being “good,” acting out in ways that bring you shame and pain, because society does not welcome your fullest animal self.

In the name of feminism we declare we don’t need you and find you not knowing how to truly let yourself be needed.

If you are fully awake in your sexuality, we like to call you wrong, humiliate you, even put a label on you and cast you out forever without explaining to you exactly what we desire.

But we need you here.

Pulsating, alive, vibrant, awake.

We need that fire in your eyes that light up when you see a beautiful woman.

We need your hands that know just how to touch us so we cannot help but say your name over and over.

We need your “No,” and “I desire,” more than your “I’m not sure,” and “Are you okay?”

We need you calling out the woman in us with trust in our ability for you to handle us, knowing we will not break under you.

During this #metoo movement you have become even more careful, you are not allowed to have an opinion, you are not allowed to speak up. And we call this women’s freedom.

We think we are giving our women a greater voice by silencing you, jumping on any word that you may or may not say and casting you out of our loving embrace forever.

We are hurting ourselves by removing your agency and power.

No, you might not always say the right thing or do the right thing.

Your come on might be a turn off.

And we will make an adjustment. We will speak up. You musnt turn the light off entirely in fear of being, “too much.”

When we tell you to be quiet:

Speak up.

When we say that your desire is too much:

Roar it from the rooftops.

When you try to talk yourself into a life of normalcy and empty promises:

Burn it all down.

We need you alive, undone, dripping with the nectar of life that nourishes us like nothing else.

This cultural battle for the future aspirational dynamic between Men and Women and the Masculine and the Feminine, is for women to lead.

Not only because the Feminine been historically silenced, but as I’ve written before it is now more Evolved (
In a post #metoo environment rife with uncorked emotion and energy embodying the full gamut of the better and lesser Angels of our Nature…

With the lesser vibrating with: anger, vitriol, shame, counter-aggression, division and separation.

I am stand for the Better Angels of our Nature vibrating with: love, unity, respect, healing restoration, and mutually transformational symbiosis.
The only way forward to the world our deepest hearts know is possible is through the co-evolutionary empowerment of the upward spiraling double-helix of the Collective Masculine/Feminine Polarity.

Here are two other powerful posts from friends and leaders lighting the way forward written in the last 2 weeks.

From Samantha Sweetwater:

Complaining about patriarchy seems like one of the very worst ways to heal patriarchy. What we resist persists.
I have never seen any conversation about resisting patriarchy do anything to heal it. Rather, it polarizes men from women, stirs anger and separation, and creates divides between imagined sides that aren’t even real.

We’ve all internalized patriarchy, and in my 25 years as a healer I have come to see, without a doubt, that patriarchy entraps and disempowers the masculine in equal proportion to the harm it has done to the feminine.

I feel that it is incumbent on us to drop the block. We have the strength of heart to take the chip off our collective shoulders.

Real healing – both for individuals and between people – is born in the interior strength, courage and self response-ability to set down pain, anger and victimhood and to step forward in trust.

The current terms of the conversation leave very little room for men to be full human beings, to be allies for women, or to come to terms with the fact that patriarchy enslaved them, too.

From Gillian Pothier:


Yesterday, I came across a post here in the FB wilds that made my heart skip a beat.
The subject of this particular thread was masculine ineptitude. Some dude somewhere said the unconscious thing. Some man somewhere was semi-invasive, judgmental + old school in his outreach. All of this is TRUE….and…there is a massive PROBLEM when all that it takes to trip the live-wire of the feminine pain body into a frenzied state of collusion is just some dude who says stupid, uncultivated shit:
another banal example of sanctimonious masculine communication.

Dozens upon dozens of women jumped on the thread and were hungrily throwing down their favorite eye-rolling gifs and snarky comments into the feeding frenzy. One disrespectful comment rolling right after the next, a parade of exasperated, eye-rolling gifs all serving to feed the INCOMPLETE narrative we are mainlining in our collective about the Masculine:

Men are inept.
Men do and say stupid shit.
Men are fools.
(and of course: Men are dangerous, altho this was not the aspect of the Masculine being spotlighted in this particular thread)

In the name of “solidarity”, many women believe that we deserve to experience “fun” or comedy by shaming these behaviors and by celebrating their disrespect of the masculine. It is, after all, what we have been hypnotized into believing is an appropriate response via television + movies that celebrate the bumbling masculine, the man-boy, or the fool.

In my clearly less entertaining world-view, laughing at another’s expense is never a “parade” or comedic. It is nothing more than gallows humor:
an unconscious and misaligned antidote to our own unspoken *greatest and singularly most devastating feminine fear*:

What if NO MAN will EVER be able to meet me in the fullness and the wildness of my own feminine expression?

As I looked over the names of the women who were posting on that thread, my heart sank further. I know some of these women personally and professionally and have long admired their voices and their work in the world. They may read these words. And yet, here they were, armed with snarky gifs and sass, highlighting + shaming the unconscious masculine in the *false-light* name of “solidarity”.

With clucking enthusiasm, the women cheered:
Um, NO.

Let me tell you something, babygirl, that thread — and what motivates threads like these — is decidedly NOT “the best thing on the internet”…..these threads REEK of feminine desperation. Sure, its all packaged up in cheeky “fun” and “humor” and “solidarity” — but it is straight-up feminine grief, rage, fear, and heartbreak all tricked out in the wolf’s clothing of social media.
Posts like these (and there is no shortage of them) are viewed hundreds and hundreds of time, they energetically AMPLIFY THE WOUND and the separation between men and women: they are *not* benevolent.

There is always a “river beneath the river” — and when dozens of women come together to commiserate, disrespect, poke fun and share quips of their latest encounter with the unconscious, checked-out masculine, it is not “humor” they are seeking. It is a pressure release valve, *at the expense of the masculine* (and their deepest feminine integrity, I would fully suspect) because their own feminine pain body is terribly hurting. They have been disappointed, heartbroken, or a wound has been inadvertently touched or re-opened and instead of BEING WITH THE TRUTH OF THE PAIN, we lash out….lipgloss, hair just so, a cute dress, mile high heels… and READY TO KILL.

I deeply understand this feminine desperation:

There are moments that this longing feels ancient and timeless, a deep desperate weariness in body + heart for men to ALIGN in action and behavior to the TRUTH of WHO THEY ARE. And when they FAIL through meekness, arrogance, impulsivity, unconsciousness, or privilege, it touches a brimstone in the feminine psyche that RAGES in anguish. I know this place in me…I know both the fury and the sorrow that feels like it may just swallow me whole.


The moment we as women use our voice or social platforms to spotlight masculine ineptitude just for the hell of it, to shame men in a throw-down of anguish + sorrow masquerading as “humor”, we are literally weaponizing our own pain. Our pain becomes nothing more than a heat-seeking missile for collusion amongst our wounded sisters. We literally project it, vomiting it into the collective for agreement and collusion by other women who share similar wounding, the same fears, and a similar unmetabolized trauma constellation. All human beings share the same evolutionary thrust to belong….but seeking agreement and collusion to unconsciously regulate OUR OWN PAIN is nothing more than collective trauma-bonding.

The dark truth is that sometimes it IS easier to weaponize our pain than it is to bear the weight of our own archaic feminine heartache. However, each time we weaponize our pain, we are CREATING THE PROBLEM. We are perpetuating the narrative that is being *AGREED UPON BY WOMEN ABOUT MEN* and THEREFORE **CREATED** in the collective.

Women: instead of giving up our power by succumbing to shaming men for their weakness/unconsciousness/abuse of privilege, etc, we need to UNDERSTAND OUR OWN POWER and SHOW UP in our FULLNESS ALIGNED TO THIS GREAT and IMMENSE FEMININE CREATIONAL POTENCY.


I am going to write those words again so that specific transmission stands a shot in the dark chance of penetrating the clenched and armored Feminine heart:


As women, we need to BE and DO BETTER than this weaponization of our Feminine pain, for ourselves, for one another, our children, our world, and YES: OUR MEN.


Smashing My Personal Record with a 65-Minute Cold Plunge + Teachings on Stages of Cold Plunge Mastery

I love smashing personal records. It is beautiful to see objective sign posts confirming the translation of hard work and dedication into growth and enlarged capacity.

A few weeks ago it was doing 1100 sit-ups in under 20 minutes.

Last night at the Banya I was able to generate enough heat through Tibetan inner fire practice or autonomic nervous system control, to reach full equilibrium in the cold plunge (at an advertised 45 F, but it is often a bit warmer on the weekends).

And I doubled up my personal record from 32 minutes in the cold plunge to 65 minutes.

What up, Wim Hof?

Thank you for the inspiration.

The limit to how long I could stay in the cold plunge was no longer about physical discomfort. At this temperature that was mastered. The limit was only how long I could mentally focus. I only left because it was close to 10pm and I was feeling sleep calling from my circadian rhythm.

As with most things in life, it all comes back consciousness.

“The body has limits the mind does not” – Tim Grover, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant’s trainer.

If we want to realize our potential I believe it’s absolutely critical to be constantly pushing our comfort zones and edges, in a multidimensional cross training of body, heart, mind and soul. For if you’re not triggering an adaptation response, you’re likely atrophying, or at least not keeping up with progressive flow of the river of life and your fellow brethren immersed in it.

That being said, rest and recovery are an essential part of the growth process.

Here is more about the beginning levels for cold plunge mastery:

Level 1

Stay in the cold plunge for 30-90 seconds.

Bring awareness to the immediate fight or flight response that comes from immersion in cold water and let your body know you’re okay and not in danger.

Each time you get in the cold plunge notice the part of yourself that says, “I need to get out of here. I’m in danger or I’m going to die.”

Control the amygdala. A reduction in amygdala activation will serve you well in many aspects of your life.

Level 2

Stay in the cold plunge for 2-7 minutes.

Now that you’re able to calm the amygdala, you’ll primarily be needing to get out of the cold plunge due to physical pain.

You’ll likely feel sharp pain somewhere in the body, often the fingers and toes.

Push yourself as long as you can and then go to a hot tub to get the blood flowing.

Having stable access to the meditative state of Emptiness is very valuable here. You want to be able to identify with your awareness that rides underneath sensation (yet co-arises with it). You want to notice the stories your mind comes up with for why you should leave the cold plunge. You want to notice the apparent self that is connected to those sensations and stories. Then release those constructions of energy as you relax back into stillness of mind, awareness and all of Reality.

This level takes repetitive practice for your body to adapt to the cold. Eventually the sharp pain will stop and you’ll be confronted with a new set of challenges and fears to over come around the 5-7 minute level.

There are many health benefits to getting good at this stage.

Contrast therapy, cycling from hot to cold is great for the lymphatic system and supporting detoxification in the body. The hot and cold effectively create a pump through expansion and contraction that gets your system flowing in a way the body can’t do well on its own.

Cold stress and heat stress are also known to activate Epigenetic programs in the body that make your more able to cope with stress for up to two weeks. Our ancestors walked across ice sheets for months on end. Modern humans turn on the heat and air conditioning at the first sign of discomfort. Cold stress and heat stress activate this latent super adaptive potential within us.

Cold stress also creates more brown fat in the body. Which is a dense form of fat with larger than normal quantities of mitochondria that are able to burn fat and generate internal heat.

This is actually just a small sampling of the amazing research around the all the health benefits of high intensity cold and heat exposure. I will share more about the science in the future. In the mean time look up the leading voice of Rhonda Patrick, PHD MD.

Skills used in future levels farther down the path to be discussed some other time:

Generating inner fire at the second and third chakras. Known in Tibetan Buddhism as Tummo.
Navy SEAL style positive Incantations from master trainer Mark Divine of the Unbeatable Mind.
Overcoming fear of death, being willing to die (even though you’re not going to) and leaning into it with courage.
Working with the instinctive heat generating energy of shivering.
Archetypal Tantric Warrior invocation from a state Awakened Awareness, also known as Generation Stage Yoga.

Again this is cross-training for Life and the upper limits of any skill comes down to consciousness and mastery of our minds.

And mastering the mind is an eminently transferable skill.

“Success comes down to 80% psychology and 20% skills.” Tony Robbins.

“I want to represent possibilities. I want to represent the idea that you really can make what you want. I believe that I can create whatever I want to create. If I could put my head on it right, study it, learn the patterns… I feel very strongly that we are who we choose to be.” – Will Smith

“The mind is everything. What you think, you become.” – The Buddha


Touching the Infinite

In our relative existence as unbounded intangible consciousness fields embodied in human form,

A dynamic, indescribably complex pattern we in modern society possessively label as “My Life”,

It is important to practice touching into the infinite, perfect Absolute nature of Reality,

That instantiates the playground for everything we will ever do, feel or be as human beings.

Samsara, suffering is simply a loss of perspective,

Compounded into karmic, sanskaric energetic knots with every moment we forget.

All we have to do is Remember,

The true nature of Mind, Consciousness, Self and Reality,

The true nature of who we really are and what we are incarnated here for,

And all the energetic blockages of our lives will patiently unwind themselves,

As we roll to the shore in the Divine Movement of Becoming,

In the Infinite Absolute Ocean of Being.

What struggles and contractions in your life can you release into this field of Spacious, Luminous, Blissful Okayness?

The Holy Trinity: Health, Wealth & Relationships

Superior forms of cardio training to running:

Ecstatic Dance. Great Sex.

Superior form of working a job to get money:

Pouring your life energy towards making your dreams a reality and sacrificing till you get paid handsomely for it.

Superior form of trying to fit in and feel socially accepted:

Being yourself. Not giving a fuck, letting the chips fall where they may and magnetically attracting your tribe.

I give you,

The Holy Trinity:

Health, Wealth and Relationships.

An Invitation to Ponder

“I think everybody is looking for something that they already have.”

“You might not actually be who you think you are.”

“It’s just realizing that you are already complete.”

“Ego tries to convince us to go after this Immortality that we already possess.”

“Everyone is looking for god and everyone is god. It’s just now what do you want to do. There’s nothing you need, it’s just play.

Nothing you do is going to add anything to you, and nothing you do will take anything away from you. It’s all play.”

So many understand these truths conceptually but don’t live by them.

I invite you to ponder, what is in the way of making this deeper conceptual truth a deeper pervading felt sense of embodied living and action?

Here is a list to start the pondering:

Intention. Standards. Commitment. Practice. Repetition. Willingness to endure discomfort. Willingness to surrender. Willingness to let your identity structure and plans for life die…with a trust and faith that what is true and pure cannot be destroyed by the fire.