Here you can find an organized collection of some of my best posts:


Reports & Essays On Entrepreneurship

  1. Startup Genome Report: A new framework for understanding why startups succeed
  2. Startup Genome Report on Premature Scaling
  3. Startup Ecosystem Report 2012
  4. 2015 Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking
  5. Waterloo, The David vs. Goliath of Startup Ecosystems


Transformational Entrepreneurship Series in Harvard Business Review:

  1. Transformational Entrepreneurship: Where Technology Meets Societal Impact
  2. Reversing the Decline in Big Ideas
  3. The Danger of Celebritizing Entrepreneurship
  4. The Entrepreneurial Mind: Propensity to Heightened Creativity & Self-Destruction
  5. The Entrepreneurial Enlightenment
  6. A Deep Dive Into The Anatomy Of Premature Scaling [New Infographic]
  7. Introducing The Startup Genome Project
  8. Thiel Fellowship Essay #2: Changing The World
  9. Why Maximizing the Efficiency of the Startup Ecosystem Is Essential for Society’s Transition to an Information Economy
  10. Normal Entrepreneurship Vs. Revolutionary Entrepreneurship
  11. “You can’t Learn Entrepreneurship in the Classroom” Is No Longer True


  1. On Love, Creativity & Vulnerability
  2. Thiel Fellowship Essay #1: Uncommon Wisdom

Philosophy & Psychology

  1. #nofilter Does Not Exist!
  2. Death, Destruction and the Systemic Viewpoint
  3. New Agers Are Metaphysical Lightweights
  4. Medicating Ourselves Into Lives Not Worth Living
  5. Analyzing & Integrating Diverse Psychological Models
  6. In Favor of Non-Local Consciousness
  7. Optical Illusions Reveal Reality’s Interpretative Nature
  8. Applying the Scientific Method to Spiritual Truths
  9. New Agers Are Metaphysical Lightweights
  10. Why Time Actually Flies
  11. Ontogenetic and Phylogenetic Sequences of Personal Vehicle & Spiritual Development
  12. An Integral Critique of Thomas Metzinger’s Talk on Spirituality & Intellectual Honesty
  13. How To Overcome The Fear Associated With Making Changes In Your Life
  14. The Sphere of Knowledge, The Blanket of Ignorance & The Spirit of Progress
  15. The T Model: A framework for learning, work, personal growth and non-linear career progression


  1. The Relationship Between Life Purpose, Ego & Higher Essence
  2. What This Famous Marianne Williamson Quote Got Wrong
  3. Healing is Never Complete — That’s Not The Point
  4. Life Purpose and the Tension Between Ego & Essence
  5. Who Are You Really?
  6. Is The Universe Made Of Love?
  7. How to Combat Spiritual Bypassing
  8. The Integral Relationship Between Personality, Soul & God
  9. Sculpting The Spiritual Vessel of You
  10. A Divine Becoming


  1. Why I Really Don’t Like The Postmodernist Concept of “Privilege”
  2. Self Expressing Towards Self Indulgence or Self Transcendence
  3. The Difference Between Fame in Silicon Valley Vs. Los Angeles

Systems Thinking

  1. Mapmakers, Toolmakers and Complex Developmental Systems


  1. How to Use Evolutionary Psychology To Overcome Your Fear of Being Judged
  2. Why Falling out of Love Feels like Death
  3. See Before Asking to be Seen
  4. What To Do When Loved Ones Engage in Self-Destructive Behavior


  1. Maximizing The Future Of Humanity’s Thrivability With Technology
  2. Why Ray Kurzweil, Elon Musk, and Stephen Hawking Don’t Really Understand Artificial General Intelligence
  3. Rigorous Futurism
  4. Speculation on Cosmic Civilizations
  5. Unified Global Organism


  1. The Paris Attacks & Worldcentric Hypocrisy
  2. On The Paris Attacks: How Ethnocentric Solidarity Can Hypocritically Betray The Desire For World Peace
  3. Why Does The Arc Of The Moral Universe Bend Towards Justice?


  1. Ecstatic Dance (video)
  2. Dancing at Burning Man Decompression (video)

My Personal Journey

  1. Reflections on My 25th Birthday
  2. My 4 Year Battle With Darkness
  3. Learning, Dropping Out of Stanford & Bold Life Decisions
  4. 21 Years Of Making Sense Of The World
  5. Why I’m Stopping Out Of Stanford and Applying For The Thiel 20 Under 20 Fellowship
  6. Destination Now Approaching: College Admissions
  7. Reflections On Finding My Passion And Early Steps In My Entrepreneurial Journey
  8. The Early Steps Of A Thousand Mile Journey
  9. The Birth Of Blackbox & The Startup Genome: Lessons Learned From A 2011 Entrepreneurial Journey


  1. My Introductory Guided Meditation: Buddhist Concentration and Awareness Meditation
  2. Real talk on Yoga and Meditation
  3. Redefining Buddhist Emptiness for the Western Mind


  1. A Rap About Sticking Your Neck Out (video)
  2. Social Media Neck Out
  3. Reading My Poem: Triggers (video)
  4. Dying Into Truth
  5. Fire in Vows
  6. Spiritual Sex
  7. Home, On The Spiral Journey Of Death & Rebirth


  1. Workout: Intensity & Consistency (video)
  2. Diet Cheat Days are for Wimps
  3. Training for the War & Battles of My Life Mission (video)
  4. Cold Plunge into the Depths of Reality
  5. My Vertical Leap

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