Cambridge Analytica, Trump, and Societal Evolution

In case you were believing or wondering if Cambridge Analytica explains how and why Trump was elected and if you should be pissed at Facebook by extension…Don’t.

Because it doesn’t.

And you’d be missing for the forest for the trees in the larger messy trajectory of the evolution of society and culture.

Trump is a catalytic force for cultural transformation, perfectly tapping into the dynamic tensions and dysfunctions in society at large, bringing shadows to the surface so they may be seen and transformed or perhaps lived through more deeply until they are ready to be cleared.

He is a big part of carrying out the necessary evolutionary self-correction of cultural evolution as the status quo of liberal post-modernism failed in too many aspects of societal leadership and did not possess the capacity to break through the glass ceiling to the next level of cultural evolution. Therefore, culture is taking a step back with the Trump presidency, to self-reflect, clean and chart a new course in preparation to take two steps forward.

Biological and Cultural Evolution are smarter than we are and from the right perspective one can see how Evolution has never made a mistake.

The Trump Presidency isn’t a mistake.

It is necessary.

All is as it should be.

And if you feel a burning desire to fight or #resist then do that too, because that’s as it should be.