Ecstatic Dance and the Energy of Life

Ecstatic dance has become one of the primary ways I’ve come to tap into the vital energy of life itself.

Continual practice and refinement remove any of the self conscious and energetic blocks between the celestial nature of my Soul and the primal nature of my body.

Dance gets my blood flowing and my emotional state elevated. Our emotional and mental bodies are inextricably connected to our physical bodies. So anything stuck in my heart or head I can find and transform through movement and dance.

I take the energetic force of this movement driven cultivation and transmute it into my purpose supporting the flourishing and awakening of humanity as an entrepreneur, writer and guide, and transmute it into a fiery loving aliveness for all that is and for all who are here.

Pithy Post Potpourri – Winter/Spring 2018

If you and your partner(s) can’t both reliably access a state of awakened awareness beyond the ordinary sense of self then any exploration of non-monogamy will inevitably lead to an increase in pain and suffering.


When you lose your cool, when you get triggered do you tell yourself to raise your game and live up to a higher standard?

Or do you justify why it was okay to lose your cool and ascribe fault to other people and external circumstances?

This is one of the key regular decisions that separates the extraordinary humans from the ordinary.

I love my morning meditation view so much.

There is a reason yogis go to the mountaintop.

The sparkling, harmonious, blissful, spacious, luminous nature of reality is unassailably clear.

People who don’t utilize the tool of debt and credit in their life have been afflicted by a false sense of lack.

They lack sufficient belief in themselves.

And they lack a willingness to invest in themselves for the long run and to bet on themselves.

The question for analyzing whether debt and credit is worth utilizing is very simple:

Can you create more value, faster with the money you are loaned than the interest rate you are given?

One of the worst decisions the masculine can make is to seek comfort.

The masculine grows through setting big goals, pushing to exhaustion and then savoring accomplishment in the recovery phase before setting a new bigger goal that lies beyond the new expanded comfort zone.

From the higher perspective there is no such thing as rejection.

There is just energy jostling around trying to find its way into proper alignment.

From the higher perspective there is no such thing as failure.

There is just feedback about what needs to be improved and recalibrated.

Black Panther was so much better than the Last Jedi.

Plot and Story Arc.

Character Development & Consistency.

Visual Effects.

Empowering portrayal of Cultural Minorities.

…the script for Luke Skywalker was particularly terrible…acting like someone who was never a Jedi

…so many of the Star Wars characters felt like forced affirmative action plays rather than authentic casting.

…One disappointing feature of the Wakandan’s was that for being so technologically and culturally advanced in many dimensions, they still had an Ethnocentric Worldview when looking to the outside world, opining about how to help downtrodden and oppressed blacks around the world rather than how to help downtrodden and oppressed humans with their technological prowess.

All for now. No time to be a detailed movie critic.

I am currently reading the Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo.

Who else has read it?

My personal website is titled In Quest of Super Humanity and I’m coming to see how my intuitive guidance has been (previously unbeknownst to me) plugged into the same source as Aurobindo’s, especially with respect to his articulation of the Supermind and its Divine Unfolding through Humanity’s Involutionary Process.

Your body is an instrument that the Consciousness of your Soul learns to play.

An Evolved Soul is therefore a masterful musician.

Back on my own again and restarting my cooking skills after 2 years of dormancy.

Immediately noticing a shift in my relationship to food preparation as I’ve deepened my relationship to the fundamentally universal nature of subtle energy in all things.

Succinct infographic of a lot of misguided class warfare and anti-wealth sentiment from the Liberal Left.

Always remember that how we react to every moment of our life will reinforce either our negative habits or positive habits. No matter how challenging life may be, each moment can be seen as either a problem or an opportunity. If we can understand this, we can start to bring our entire life to the path.

~ Chamtrul Rinpoche

You might ask, ‟If I have Buddha nature, why can’t I perceive it right now?”

It is because, like gold hidden in its matrix, that nature is hidden by our habits that we have accumulated since beginningless time. These habits have been created by our disturbing emotions and then reinforced by the actions that those disturbances have produced.

~ Shechen Gyaltsab

The ultimate nature of the mind is empty and without basis. It is intangible like empty space. But this is not a nihilistic view. Self-arisen, primordial consciousness is original, clear consciousness. Self-arisen and self-illuminating, it is like the essence of the sun.

~ Guru Rinpoche


Why Becoming Great at Dancing is an Ultimate Entrepreneurial Resource

As Tony Robbins preaches, the reason you fail at achieving your goals is never about not having enough resources.

You didn’t fail because you didn’t have enough money, enough time, or the right contacts.

“Resources are never the problem, the reason for failure is a lack of resourcefulness”.

And what does he say the ultimate resources are:

Emotional states.

And what determines your Emotional State?

In large part, your Physical State.

“Motion creates emotion”.

Slumped shoulders = depression and lethargy.

Straight spine, shoulders rolled back = confidence.

So what is one of the best ways to get in a peak physical and emotional state?

Put some music on and dance.

Become great at dancing whatever emotions want to move through you.

Banish self-consciousness. Banish doubt. Banish fear.

Through your dancing.

And you’ll have the Ultimate Resource in no time.

Transmission from Higher Realms (Video)

At our community New Years Eve party of about 100 people I was invited to perform in what turned out to be my first live dance performance.

I’ll share the video of the live performance and some reflections on the experience when I receive it.

In the meantime, many people asked me to share the video I made that was projected on the screen behind me to go along with the performance.

I took a ‘wearefromthefuture’ video as the base, and then spent countless hours remixing the audio and video, integrating many of my own compilations to invoke the transmission of my intention.


Dancing at Burning Man Decompression

Burning Man Decompression in October:

I’d been dancing hard for hours, was a bit worn out, and the music took an interesting intense monotonous pacing, so I ended up channeling some King of the Jungle energy.

“This is 45-caliber flow
Pound my chest like a gorilla so all the other savages know
I’m ravenous though, Jack you with the ratchet for dough” – Vinnie Paz

I’m not always this intense, I promise ;-)…well, I usually am with myself, and I like to transmute this energy in my Being into physical form thru dance…but when interacting with others I usually adapt my energy to meet others with an energy that would serve them and our connection.

(H/T to Brita Grothe for capturing & Leyna Brabantand Adam Leonard for being a great dancing crew all night)

— at Decompression, Sf.

One more dancing vid

Found one more clip worth sharing from early September when I did my re-inaugural pre-ecstatic dance warm up.