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I can support you in changing your life.

I am armed with a large brain, a big heart and a large toolbox to support you in making the dramatic changes you need to create the life your higher self knows is possible for you.

I can support you in these areas:

Life Purpose:

  • Discovering your life purpose
  • Aligning your daily life with your life purpose
  • Eliminating the major blocks that are holding them back in life
  • Understanding how your gifts fit in the larger evolutionary trajectory of where humanity is going


  • Understanding yourself better through personality models and developmental psychology


  • Finding and tapping into your essence
  • Understanding the spiritual landscape and how to find the tradition, lineage and set of practices best suited to you
  • Becoming a Skilled Meditator and Walking Down the Timeless Path


  • Understanding your partner’s and friend’s psychology
  • Becoming a better communicator
  • Working with masculine and feminine energy in oneself and in relationship
  • Cultivating authentic, trustable, confident masculine energy

Productivity Systems:

  • Setting up Productivity Systems


  • Hacking Diet, Supplements, Sleep, Physical Fitness all for Abundant Energy, Mental Clarity and Pervasive Well Being

Here are some of the methodologies I use and people whose works I’ve studied:

Psychology: Enneagram, Myers Briggs, Neurolinguistic Programming, Spiral Dynamics, Integral Theory, Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill

Spirituality: Tibetan Buddhism, Mindfulness, Joseph Campbell, Ken Wilber

Relationship & Sexuality: David Deida, Mantak Chia, Landmark

Biohacking: High Intensity Interval Training, Energy Management, Getting Things Done, Bulletproof

Foresight: Strategic Foresight, The Technological Singularity

Holistic Personal Diagnosis

One of my talents is as a diagnostician. When I am not the right person to help you long term, I will find you the right person in my network to enable you to get the life breakthroughs you desire. Thus, even doing 1 introductory session can be incredibly powerful.

How I like to work:

I work mostly by phone and skype but often like to combine this with periodic deep dive immersive sessions.

Who I like and I don’t like to work with:

I like to work with people who are committed to transforming themselves and the world.

Who understand that creating an extraordinary life requires extraordinary commitment.

I don’t like to work with people who are looking for a quick fix.

Tapping the Power of the Tribe:

I have a diverse network of friends who do personal coaching work, and we often do referrals amongst each other. Sometimes if requested we even work together as a powerful coordinated team.

My network includes: doctors, nutritionists, yoginis, dakinis, sexual healers, therapists, relationship coaches, astrologers, dance teachers, meditation teachers, spiritual counselors and bodyworkers.

When the circumstances are right, we can make magic happen.


If you are interested in exploring working together, please start by filling out this short form.

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“Max has an unparalleled capacity to integrate profound philosophical and spiritual teachings into his everyday life. Over the past year, while working with Max in several different contexts, I’ve had the privilege of watching Max step forth as a visionary and influencer in the Bay Area. His integration of authentic spiritual practice with cutting edge entrepreneurship position him as a true trailblazer in the next generation of Silicon Valley leaders. I continue to learn extensively from Max’s brilliance and highly endorse his work.”

Dustin Diperna, Author, Spiritual Teacher, Entrepreneur

Mari SierraI’m so grateful for your presence in my life. You’ve helped me in the darkest places and with your experience with darkness brought light to mine. You’ve literally informed how I see the world in beautiful ways.  I am the woman that I am in many ways thanks to the windows that you’ve opened — to understand myself and to understand the world. And you do it so kindly and with so much fire.

When we first met, Max told me in 3 sentences how he knew he was introverted and had  trouble relating to new people. But he said, I’m going to train myself to not be an introvert. And he studied all these things to become the extrovert that I was delighting in having a conversation with, and I was thinking, “Can that even happen? Can people train themselves to be different?” You opened a whole new window of personal development and true commitment to becoming your highest essence” – Mari Sierra, Experience Designer | Innovation Strategist | Mind-Body expert

Max is a visionary leader and I do not use those terms lightly. Although he is younger than me, I e62a931e1696b928ecf7cf280bd39a64cc5a4b38consider him a mentor. He sees the big picture when it comes business, philosophy, psychology, and life. He asks great questions and is an incredible strategist. He is able to skillfully transmit his brilliance and wisdom individuals and companies in ways that help them make positive shifts in their thinking and planning roadmaps. This often lead to major breakthroughs, which enable clients to reach new heights and explosive growth. He is also a wonderful person which makes working with him really enjoyable. I recommend him highly. – Molly Maloof MD, Physician, Technologist, & Scientific Wellness Pioneer


Caeli LaWorking with Max has provided more clarity, insight and valuable understanding than any other coach or therapist I have worked with (and I have worked with a lot)! This is no exaggeration — I wish there were words to describe how powerful each conversation with him is. Max is deeply committed to the evolution of consciousness and to the greater good, and his feedback unwaveringly comes from the most noble place. He is laser focused, a phenomenal listener, and a remarkably clear mirror. The level of trust I have in his feedback is extremely rare. I am so grateful every time he uses his brilliant brain to help me out — I honestly feel honored. You will feel similarly lucky to have his attention on you, guaranteed.  – Caeli La, Co-Founder of, Writer, Dancer, Tantrika


11428554_10152919457042483_4385766644491083483_nI teach cutting edge spirituality and metaphysics in trainings with spiritual students from over 10 countries.  I am in a unique position, as I have met so many spiritual aspirants and am an expert on personality typing, to endorse Max Marmer’s spectacular spiritual gifts. Max is one of the most spiritually gifted and advanced students I have ever met. His capacity to perceive highly sophisticated and advance spiritual metaphysics, principles, and that he actually lives by them, is truly extraordinary and extremely rare, all the more so for someone his age. Which means, he was just born this way. Added to that is that God apparently didn’t think that Max having enormous spiritual capacity was enough, so he also blessed him with a mind that is among the sharpest I have ever encountered. His capacity to understand systems from complex metaphysical models to personality typologies and to then add to them is staggering and a joy to experience. Few students half my age can keep up with me, and even fewer can add to what I teach, Max can do both.

I have been studying and been lucky enough to have had some of the world’s top spiritual masters as my mentors for 25 years. And, I can talk to Max about anything I have learned and find his comment perceptive, interesting, and often adding valuable additional insight. Max is one of those truly extremely rare and gifted individuals whose innate spiritual capacity is not just a big heart, but a mind and access to true higher guidance that make him the true full package. – David Fauvre, Co-Founder Enneagram Explorations

I greatly value Max’s sensitivity and perspective. He possesses a rare combination of heart-forward receptivity, and clarity of vision. When I’m feeling clouded or confused about a decision, Max always helps me see things from an unemotional place, which is useful in discerning what’s most important. To say unemotional does not imply a lack of caring. His innate care is actually what makes me trust him enough to look together from an unbiased vantage point. – Brita Grothe, Life & Relationship Coach


11264001_10152732725936386_6429645362974551716_nIn an era of narrow focus, where the urgent has displaced the important, those who try to see the biggest picture have never been more needed. Max is one of them — enlarging the canvas of our universe, clarifying the inter-connections between its parts, and revealing new possibilities of action with only a few broad strokes. His wide field of vision and relentless search for mastery, has taken him on a multi-disciplinary journey, of theory and practice, braving challenges that result in both enlightening insights and humbling defeats — a fate those who push hard enough to discover their true limits know all too well. Max is a rope tied between Icarus and Prometheus, a rope over an abyss; what is great in Max is that he is a bridge and not an end, that I’m honored to call my friend. – Alexandros Pagidas, Philosopher at


3I feel beyond lucky to have someone in my life who is as thoughtful (both inwardly and outwardly) as you. You my partner in crime, my copilot, and the yin to my yang. You have an unmatched way of giving me a calmer center and approaching situations with insightful reasoning. Your presence alone has helped me get through countless struggles. I am grateful that you exist and that you give my life so much meaning. Being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered – and to me, you are the embodiment of this junction.

Your brain (and its inner workings) is above and beyond anything I have ever seen, even when you aren’t at your peak your mind exceeds expectation. Your thirst to impact the world and the people around you is beautiful. I am so proud of you for blossoming into such a compassionate, thoughtful, and curious being. Look at the immensely strong bonds you have created by imparting your knowledge, the eyes you have widened by offering your wisdom, the hearts you have expanded by opening your heart. There are so many people who are in awe of your mind, body, and spirit. You inspire me to be a better, fuller person every day. And that is because you are full to the brim and bursting so many thoughts, ponderings, questions, senses, feelings, beliefs, and ideas. You have been this way since you were born. Always searching. It is because you a seeker of such enormous answers to the universe that you shoulder such a weight. You never just accept things and I am moved by that kind of tenacity in you. You push boundaries. But you are not afraid to openly shift your position when your opinion has been altered. Thank god people like you exist! There is something very special about the balance you have found between your pride and setting it aside when the time is right. You are one of the few good ones. You consistently restore my faith in humanity. I respect you, I admire you, I appreciate you, I adore you, I support you, and I love you more than anything quantifiable. Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me into your weird, complex mind from time to time. All the chatter and all the gray matter inside of that brain of yours does in fact set you apart, but in the most beautiful way imaginable. – Zoe Marmer, Max’s Twin Sister


4I love Max for so many reasons. When I’m with Max, I feel like he just gets me. I feel seen for who I am, and I know he accepts all of me. He is generous with his knowledge and frameworks, warm and loving. – Rebecca Jean, CEO at Rebecca Jean Catering



5What you do for me and what you do for others, is open up this massive vista. When we share our experiences with you, you say “look at all of this” and it is this massive perspective opening experience. We’re like “oh, I didn’t know. I didn’t know the world was this way, until you showed me; with your mind, with your heart, with who you are.” Interacting with you is a deep well for me, that I know I can continue to come back to. A well that gives me strength and courage to lead in the ways I lead, and makes me a better person, everyday. Thank you.  – Mikyo Clark, CEO at the Stimulus Group



There are very few men I would have invited as a central figure to a women’s retreat. Maybe that wasn’t a smart idea but I think we all know it was. About two years ago in November I gathered a group of women, some of whom are here, who mean an extraordinary amount to me and it was kind of with a selfish desire to share some of the most important maps of the interior that I’d been privileged to understand myself: enneagram, spiral dynamics, David Deida — But Max was perfect… he showed us how all these maps work and how they combine. And I can’t tell you the courage that having you by my side has given me in my life, in my purpose, in the work I do at Connect. – Anima Sarah Lavoy, Co-Founder and CPO at


8“Max is a force of nature. I feel that he was a catalyst in what has been and continues to be a deep healing process for me. His feedback is incisive and compassionate. For people in my age bracket who are undertaking deep work on themselves, he’s a leader.

Max was able to see me where I was at and where I was headed. As an artist, I have a big picture view with most of my life, something in which I take great pride. And yet as someone who also wants to be savvy in the minutiae of my work, Max was able to refine some of the details of my goals so that I could have a clearer roadmap to action, introducing me to certain habits and resources that would make me a more effective person in life in general.

Thanks, Max, for encouraging me to dream big and inspire me to love and heal myself first so that I can be free to give my artistic gifts to my community and at some point, a bigger audience.” – Aaron Kahn, Musician, Graduate Teaching Fellow at University of Oregon



When I met you what I was tempted to pay attention to your brain, and recently what you have called attention to, by who you

are and who you have become, is your heart. I am struck by how kind you are, and not only how deep you see the world with your perception, but how strongly connected to it you are though all of your other senses.

Leah Hunter, Writer at Fast Company


15“Max is a brilliant shining light in the revolution of new thinking. His thoughtful demeanor & deep presence offer a fertile ground for seeds innovation. Max has taught me, through example, this very subtle thing he does, where I ask a question and he has this tiny pause right before his answer, and that’s not something I’m doing a lot. In your Being, there is this invitation to slow down and for me to tap further and wider within myself before I chose what bring out, and really feel what wants to come out. I see you doing that every time we speak, and I’m so grateful for that invitation.

I’ve also felt a New World in my intuition, and I knew in my heart it was possible and then through talking to you I knew that it was. You’re doing the work, you’re bringing it out, you’re pulling the threads together and you’re creating a structure that people can walk upon and build upon where there was only ether before. I’m grateful for this, not only for me, but for you affirming things I feel are true for all of us.  – Rachael Webb, Spiritual Coach & Business Advisor at Soul Star Medicine



I admire Max Marmer: For his brazen vulnerability. For the way he embraces self-discipline for the sheer sport of it. For writing about and posting about any aspect of the human experience with no regard whatsoever for taboos. For the way he seizes whatever he’s interested in learning about or experiencing with gusto. For his analysis, and commentary which is thought-provoking and, seemingly without undue influence. For his seeming idea that he can excel at anything, any subject, without limitation. For being science-minded. For the particular way that he approaches spirituality. For the way he seems to internalize, integrate, and assimilate his constantly growing body of knowledge, into the art that is him, in immediate and seamless fashion. For the way he seems to be an “Edward Scissorhands pruner” of the art that is him. For knowing he is an organic process. For changing his mind unapologetically. For never fearing the dialogue. For being eager for the dialogue. For speaking his truth, which just so happens to always amaze me by it’s beauty. For his analytical style. For loving his sister and family and friends so passionately. For being one of the finest articulators of his thoughts that I know of. For doing swan dives into the fun. For his seeming lack of guilt. For seeming immune to what others try to put on him that is not his. For tearing up the dance floor. For saying that DJ’s are not brave enough. For posting the posts that are among the ones I look forward to the most.

I feel like you are a among a world-wide group of young people who are ushering in a new paradigm for our world. I see it as an embracing of what is rational and scientific with what is authentic and mindful. I see it as being infused with a spirituality that may be simply defined as “love”, and the knowledge that that kind of love is something HUGE. I see all of you as being the ones who are leading the way in changing our world — in teaching us to set the bar high, so we may live to see a more beautiful way come to be reality. You guys are the ones who offer others the red pill or the blue pill — but not as an exhortation to “wake up and smell the coffee”, but as open examples that inspire others to leap at the chance to embrace a BRAVE life as the finest and most rewarding thing that one might aspire to — something akin to the exhilaration of riding in the barrel of an awe-inspiring wave with skill, panache, and joy! What person with a BRAVE heart wouldn’t want to be part of that? There’s no deathbed disappointment when you’ve lived your life as a catalyst for that in the world! I sort of just dumped some big expectations — burdens — squarely upon your shoulders, didn’t I? Yes, that’s how much I believe in what you are doing and how much I long to see it our world. For what it’s worth, I believe in you SO much, Max. You are amazing! You are worthy to be entrusted with this power because you’re doing the work. I’m so grateful to have the gift of this peripheral view, where I get to see how you inspire so many people by your example of joyfully raising the bar. Go, Max, go! Namaste! – Cheryl Anderson Spensieri

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