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More about this eBook

This book represents nearly a decade of personal research into the most cutting edge models and perspectives for understanding the Universe and the outer reaches of Human Potential & Fulfillment.

I include a significant portion of the ideas and disciplines that have had the biggest influence on my life and how I see the world. These are the resources I’m regularly recommending to others with life-altering results, and the ones I’m continually working on to attain greater levels of mastery.

The eBook includes a comprehensive and inter-disciplinary set of topics, including:

– Getting a Big Picture Understanding of the History of the Universe and Humanity’s Role in its Unfolding.

– Understanding Yourself and Others through some of the Best Psychological Models in existence, enabling you to unlock your strengths, prepare for your weaknesses, and relate to others with much greater skill and compassion.

– Some of the most Potent Meditation Paths for Radically Transforming your Consciousness.

– How to Supercharge your Productivity and Energy levels through diet upgrades, self-management frameworks and varied forms of biohacking.

– The common patterns and principles for Mastering whatever you set your intention on.

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