Touching the Infinite

In our relative existence as unbounded intangible consciousness fields embodied in human form,

A dynamic, indescribably complex pattern we in modern society possessively label as “My Life”,

It is important to practice touching into the infinite, perfect Absolute nature of Reality,

That instantiates the playground for everything we will ever do, feel or be as human beings.

Samsara, suffering is simply a loss of perspective,

Compounded into karmic, sanskaric energetic knots with every moment we forget.

All we have to do is Remember,

The true nature of Mind, Consciousness, Self and Reality,

The true nature of who we really are and what we are incarnated here for,

And all the energetic blockages of our lives will patiently unwind themselves,

As we roll to the shore in the Divine Movement of Becoming,

In the Infinite Absolute Ocean of Being.

What struggles and contractions in your life can you release into this field of Spacious, Luminous, Blissful Okayness?