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Welcome to Max Marmer’s Blog — In Quest of Super Humanity via Consciousness, Biohacking and Entrepreneurship.

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My guiding mission is to enable the flourishing of humanity in the 21st century.

We are in an epochal moment of transition, as individuals and society at large transitions to its next major stage of evolution — what I am calling Super Humanity.

My intention is for my work and my being to serve as a guiding light in these times of chaos.

Many topics will be covered on this site. The Big Three are: Consciousness, Biohacking and Entrepreneurship. But many other related topics are covered as well including: psychology, spirituality, systems thinking, relationships, philosophy, meditation, life purpose, futurism, learning and creativity.

The concept and philosophical foundation of Super Humanity is fleshed out in Max’s eponymous free ebook, which you can download here.

For a curated list of some of my top posts check out my Best of Blog page.

About Max

Max is dedicated to supporting and enabling the flourishing of humanity in the 21st century.

He is a modern day Renaissance Man — an autodidactic polymath, serving in the roles of Entrepreneur, Philosopher, Systems Architect, Energy Healer, Executive and Relationship Coach, Spiritual Guide, Futurist, Financial Wizard, Mapmaker and many more.

Max’s explorations have led him to found technology companies, conduct original research in business management theory and write a variety of essays about the intersections between business, psychology, macroeconomics and philosophy.

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Below are some of his skills and areas of expertise:

Startup Science, Evolutionary Developmental Systems Theory, Strategic Foresight, Accelerating Technological Change, Lean Startup, Developmental Psychology, Personality Systems, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Integral Theory, Vajrayana Buddhism, Tantric Practitioner,Post-Metaphysical Spirituality,Trans-lineage Metatheory, Cultural Evolution, High Intensity Interval Training, Biohacking, Energy Management & Getting Things Done.

Below is a description of Max’s opening act in the business world. Much more to come.

Opening Act

Max left Stanford in 2010 during my freshman year to found a company that produced the Startup Genome Project and a software product called Compass. The Startup Genome lives on at Startupgenome.com. Compass was acquired in 2017 by the Sage Group to build the future of Collective Intelligence for Business. Sage is a FTSE 100 company, a.k.a. the Intuit of Europe.

The Startup Genome collected the world’s largest comprehensive dataset of high growth early stage technology startups and released 4 critically acclaimed reports about the factors that lead to Startup success and a failure. They have been read by over 1 Million people, were covered in many national publications including WSJ, HBR & PBS, adopted into the curriculum of 100+ universities & startup accelerators and inspired numerous businesses and political initiatives.

Those reports can be found at the top of this page.

Compass developed technology that is essentially a “data refinery” or “cloud analyst”: the user puts low value data in and gets high value data back. It is currently used by more than 30,000 CEOs worldwide.

Compass lives on here.

  1. Co-Founder at New Co (Launch coming soon)

Max’s primary work project is the founding of a new company that is Building transformative technology at the intersection of psychology, big data and machine learning, designed to accelerate the evolution of consciousness. The first psychological model we’re deploying is the Enneagram. Product launch coming soon.

2. Accelerator, Advisor, Core Contributor

Max is working on projects that encompass Integral Wealth Management, Integral Hedge Fund strategies to maximize absolute return, Paradigm Creation for the Integral Management Science of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and advising other early stage founders on how to bring the next wave Spiritually Attuned, Outrageously Competent Organizations to take Global Society to its next stage of Emergent, Self-Organizing, Collective Intelligence.

3. Writing a book on the Management Science of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

The book builds on the Startup Genome Project and 7 years of research, data gathering and model construction in attempt to establish an Orienting Unifying Paradigm for the burgeoning Pre-Paradigm Field of the Management Science of Entrepreneurship.

Brief Contextualization — The History of Management Science:

The world’s first multinational corporation, the Dutch East India Company was formed in 1602. Two to three hundred years later Frederick Taylor, Henry Ford and Alfred Sloan had laid the foundations for the paradigm of Management Science of Business. They developed a scientific approach for making businesses incredibly efficient, creating workflows like the assembly line, systematically eliminating waste, standardizing best practices and formalizing knowledge transfer between workers. Their approach was then formalized in Business Schools, which trained hundreds of thousands of managers in these methods and enabled corporations all around the world to flourish.

While Entrepreneurship and Innovation does not yet have a comparatively well developed paradigm, it is ahead of schedule, as high growth, venture-backed tech startups in their current form are only about 40 years old. And the time is ripe now for this paradigm to take shape as many of the necessary pre-paradigm pieces have now been developed: over the last 40 years, many people working in the field of Entrepreneurship & Innovation accumulated enough experience to begin crystallizing the patterns they noticed played a significant role in determining success and failure. In the last 10 years many rich communities of practice have coalesced around what could be called the sub-disciplines of the Management Science of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. These are known by names like: Lean Startup, Customer Development, The Business Model Canvas, Design Thinking & Growth Hacking.

Book to be released in 2018.

More details soon.

The Evolution towards Unity is a priori grounded in Love.

  • Paulina
    August 31, 2011

    Hi Max,

    Hope you are great. I’m an entrepreneurship student at Tecnologico de Monterrey in Hermosillo Mexico, and the student asociation of my bachelor is organizing the 2nd Forum of Innovation and entrepreneurship at our University with the theme of startup, and we are interesting in you coming and talk us about your story and entrepreneurship experience.
    The date of the event is 14,15 y 16 of October. Your talk would be (if you are available of curse) on Friday. The same Friday and the rest of the weekend is going to be The Startupweekend (http://hermosillo.startupweekend.org/), for completing the Forum with the talks and practicing what they learn on it.
    We already have two other confirmed speakers Tristan( http://tristankromer.com/) and Rebeca Hwang (http://www.younoodle.com/people/rebeca_hwang), and we are waiting another confirmation of a speaker, we are planing 4 talks.
    We are going to cover all the expenses of flight, accommodation and thing you could need on your stay in Hermosillo.
    We are looking foward to have you here!!


    Paulina 🙂

  • Matt Beauchamp
    October 28, 2014

    You ARE gay, right?