The Max Marmer List Re-Awakens

Re-posting the reboot email of the email list, now 23,000 strong.

This email marks my first email update since June 2019.

It was not long after that time that I realized I needed to execute a major pivot or strategic reorganization for the multi-decade long, multi-dimensional ecosystem it is part of my life mission to construct.

Further development of both TrueSelf and Startup Science were put on indefinite pause, but will be rebooted sometime in 2021.

For those familiar with the Integral Models of Consciousness regularly articulated in synthesized and upgraded form in my decade plus of work, it is plain to understand that Capital is attached to people at particular Levels of Consciousness and they generally only fund projects at their own Level of Conscious Development or lower.

I.e. The Orange Level also known as Modernists/ Rationalists/Materialists/Traditional Capitalists — fund projects that advance their worldview.

During my time fundraising for TrueSelf over the course of a few years, where I raised ~$600,000 over two rounds, I discovered the financial field of Integral Consciousness is virtually non-existent. Now, in some ways as a result, I have turned my attention to initiating my dharmic instantiation of this financial field and ecosystem myself. From a Normative Systems Theory Perspective, I have deemed this to be one of the most important choke points and leverage points for the future flourishing of Humanity in the 21st century.

Fortunately, I had already began prototyping projects in this domain in 2015 as the realization of the importance of building a new set of financial institutions anchored at a higher level of consciousness began to intuitively seep into my awareness.

When I finally positioned all my projects and life structure into a new form of stabilization in the Spring of 2020, I was able to effectively and efficiently focus my attention on the new strategic direction of building the financial infrastructure for the next paradigm.

Within the Startup Science Framework, which I have pioneered through my work as a founder of the StartupGenome and Startup Science, I can confidently claim we have Product/Market Fit and Problem/Solution Fit across a variety of these financial institutions, with successfully prototyped offerings with 7, 8 and 9 figure clients, that includes a repeatable, systematic input process and an output that has generated results in the top 1% of all hedge funds in the world in 2020, on an incredibly leanly financed and sparsely populated operation.

My business partners and I are getting ready to begin opening our doors to explore working with aligned individuals from our wider respective networks and advance each project into its next stage of the Startup Lifecycle —as defined by the Startup Science Management Science Paradigm.

Expect to see next level financial services in the realms of High Net Worth Wealth Management, Financial Education and Seed Funds in the coming months.

(Relatedlywe have a lot of positions we are currently hiring for, or would love advisors for, so if you or someone you know would resonate with this call to arms, do reach out with a link to a linkedin profile, bio and introduction).

One public offering I have created where this work is being seeded is a free Facebook group called “Multi-Dimensional Money and Investing”, that now has a few hundred members and is growing quickly after a light soft launch a few weeks ago. You’re welcome to join if you feel called.

I created this facebook group a few weeks ago primarily as a way of giving back by exploring how I could pass along some of the knowledge, wisdom and tips I can relatively easily dispense, since I’m already so heavily immersed in the financial fields everyday, anyway.

I hope it can help my values-aligned friends not only make more money, but more importantly learn how to think about the multi-dimensional nature of money and investing, so they can be on their way to creating more financial abundance and freedom in their life — sparking a virtuous cycle as they use this freedom and abundance to create the better world that is collectively ours and ultimately the one *I AM*.

In the midst of this strategic transition, I chose to cease publicly releasing my writing — taking a break of writing anything on social media for over a year. I restarted my writing on my 30th birthday with a Facebook post in early September.

In the 4 months since, I’ve continued to write actively on my Facebook page but have not shared my work in larger public channels as I have formerly done.

This Newsletter update marks the beginning of that phase transition.

I will likely migrate key pieces from my last 4 months of writing on Facebook to my blog for both accessibility and posterity’s sake — but in the meantime you can find my content on my Facebook page here.

A majority of my posts, essays and video transmissions are public and as such you can find them when you follow me there. For many years, Facebook has been my first channel of public release, where I am able to feel its essential effect as it hits other beings outside of my own worldspace, which then gives me the chance to further refine my work and share it in more scalable channels such as this email list, which has grown quite large over the years.

Another major development in my life is I have entered into deep union with the gorgeously potent, unmistakably disruptive Feminine Being known as Gillian Pothier. We met in May 2019 and within 2 months soon found ourselves spending everyday together as we adventured to numerous power spots around the world, from idyllic mountain villages to Kauai to Sedona.

We have now set temporary, indefinite roots down in the majestic mountains of Santa Barbara with an ever present view of the sea from the windows of our home.

Gillian is the yin to my yang and a keeper of the Codes of Feminine Eros. She is known for writing Facebook essays that ripple through the social media collective with potent, eloquent, incisive Feminine Grace. In fact the virality of her first essay on Facebook that cascaded into my field from multiple directions was how we struck up our first conversation. You can follow her on Facebook here.

Together, we hold a Powerful Polarized Field as we rest in our respective Masteries of the Masculine and Feminine Energetics. We are just beginning to reveal more of our relationship to the world, sharing and teaching from our lived experience, modeling highly polarized, energetic templatization to the Collective for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

On Monday night we recorded our first live stream together giving a situational update on the Great Awakening that is currently taking place on Earth.


Stay tuned.

To your Multi-Dimensional Great Awakening,