Distractions and The Good Life

This post originally appeared on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/maxmarmer/posts/4240294119669
Distraction and procrastination are contextually relative terms. From one perspective intellectual discussions are “distractions” from work and execution. But work and execution can also be seen as “distractions” from our intellectual development and fulfillment.

And in a good life, the two are not separate. They inform one another. Our intellectual development inspires us to work on new problems and see them in different ways. And our work and execution tests and refines our intellectual and theoretical knowledge against reality. This lets us find out where we are strong and where we need to do more work.

We need to commit to both paths of development to actualize our potential. We just have to get good at balancing our time allocation. But this varies throughout our life. Sometimes intellectual development is leading the dance and work is following along. But then circumstances enable a partner switch.

It is humbling, and can be overwhelming when we awaken to the fact that life is a juggling act of developing not just these 2 dimensions but dozens of them.

We must prioritize.

With long view as our guide and eyes focused on the horizons of our becoming.

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