Life Purpose and the Tension Between Ego & Essence

As you get in touch with your life purpose and attempt to live it fully, you will inevitably feel the tension between your ego and your higher essence.

The societally infused egoic identity of post modern narcissism will pull you to maximize the novelty of your life, to seek freedom from commitments and compel you to make life decisions that enable you to craft an identity as a unique irreducible snowflake. And this will satisfy your ego’s deep need for being special.

The pull of your higher essence will also feel incredibly attractive to you. There is a deep part of you that wants to be a part of something bigger than yourself. That knows you have unique gifts to offer to the beautiful love story of humanity and its place in the universe.

But then as you feel deeper into the path of your higher essence and what is actually required to live in this new reality, the bigness of its potential will scare you. You will feel the sacrifices you must make to make to become the type of person capable of embodying this higher essence. And if that doesn’t stop you, you will then inject doubt into yourself about how this future couldn’t actually be a real possibility at all, or perhaps just find excuses about why it couldn’t be a real possibility for you.

These are the tests of your development at the entrance to the temple of spirit.

And here you will inevitably be at a crossroads.

You will have a critical choice to make:

What is more important to you?

Your post modern ego or your spiritual calling?

In each and every moment, the choice is yours.

Which stream will your energy flow into?

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