New Agers Are Metaphysical Lightweights

And now…it is time…for some New Age Real Talk:

(Warning: This is going to get a bit technical philosophically)

New Agers, you have legitimate insights, perspectives and practices to bring into this world, but your lifeworld is littered with a lot of woo-woo mumbo jumbo.

The wheat must be separated from the chaff. {Although my gluten intolerant stomach prefers starches like Yuca Root, plantain flour, and ground crickets}.

Here is an essential practice, that is part of a broader tool kit of Post-Metaphysical Spirituality and Integral Epistemology, that is required for any ideas from the New Age philosophy to endure the test of time in a world that will never relinquish its fundamental methods of rationality. These practices make spiritual insights fit for a post-rational world, which transcends and includes the traditional methods of rationality.

Here is the practice:

Recognize that all your metaphysical beliefs necessitate plausible ontological structures that are falsifiable with the scientific method, with current technology or when the technology eventually becomes available.

Phenomenology or (direct felt experience) and intersubjective coherence (multiple people having similar insights) are two valid, but incomplete Epistemological methods (ways of validating truth).

You do not have to personally construct plausible ontological structures for all your beliefs. To do that in the complete way it deserves, is the domain of Philosophers and Theorists within your tradition, but you should understand the criticality of this endeavor and learn from those engaged in it, no matter how intermediate their ontological models. But if you would like to dabble like an amateur philosopher, it is an incredibly worthwhile endeavor. But just holding space for eventual plausible ontological structural emergence (later to be scientifically verified) would be a monumental step for you and New Age bretheren.

This process must be undertaken for all your sacred cows which require metaphysical “bodies”, such as concepts like: Soul, Consciousness, Channels, Astrology, Non-local Quantum Mysticism, Manifestations, Laws of Attraction etc.

And you must be open to find out that through inquiry into the deeper truths of reality that your beliefs may change, and likely evolve for the better.

As one who often wears the hat of Kosmic Philosopher, I happen to have constructed some preliminary ontologies that can be tested with an Integral Methodological Pluralism.

Here is an example of a plausible ontological structure for Soul:

Soul is not the same as personality. The personality dies with the body. One soul is associated with one personality per lifetime. Soul is like a memory structure similar to the genetic code. The soul acts thru an as yet undiscovered physical force, which perhaps exists in dimensions beyond 3-4 dimensional space time, such as the purported 5-12 dimensions in models like string theory. Soul is possibly a fundamental feature of reality, similar to matter, that grows in strength and complexity commensurate and co-correlate with matter that is also growing to greater stages of complexity and self-organization. It possibly does this through using other constructs like holons or the more speculative Morphic Fields theorized by Rupert Sheldrake. Perhaps it is possible for the structure of Soul to be fully emergent simply with the Universe’s fundamental constants and the energy present at the big bang or perhaps hypotheses like Nick Bostrom’s are correct and we are in a chain of simulated multiverses where the construct of Soul was created previous to our universe’s inception.

That’s an example of a falsifiable structure for a metaphysical beliefs.

Something in this vein must be done for all of your spiritual assertions if they are to survive in rationally grounded 21st century world.

And it is essential you now begin to look at your metaphysical beliefs with a critical (epistemologically plural) eye.

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