Reading My Poem: Triggers

Reading my Poem: Triggers

Experimenting with new Creative Expression:

Here’s a recording of me reading a poem I wrote this morning.

I was channeling some of my fast tongued rap idols, so I recommend reading along with the lyrics below.


Learn to love your Triggers.
Frequently originating from Incomplete Parental Figures.
For they are the keys to the doors of your Shadow Side.
The taming of the Horse, giving your Mind a Wild Ride.
Open the doors wide and let the Light Shine In.
Let the Love Flow In.
And your Higher Self will be Awakening.
Your Self-Contraction Forsakening.
Grabbing life by the horns now.
All of life for the Takening.
Heart Blown Open.
Giving birth to a new you, Laboring.
Savoring, Reality’s Wholeness Radiating into your skin like Sun Rays.
Baking in.
Sitting on the Throne of your Life, Reigning In.
Showering the World with your Presence.
You came to Win.


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