Sculpting The Spiritual Vessel of You

You have a duty to sculpt yourself into a vessel, a duty to build a vehicle, that spirit can flow through.

You will have to clear and strengthen many pathways in the body and mind.

It is not always clear when interacting with someone how much they have purified and developed their vessel. But one strong indication is how they dance.

In 2009 I learned to transmute the energy that flows through the whole of my being into the raw physical form of dance.

The energy like a flame inside me whose heat normally powers the precise pistons of my heart and mind, now releasing its energy unadulterated, unrefined, through the instinctual impulses of my autodidactly trained limbs.

There you shall witness the spirit in me that burns ever brighter.

And there too, you shall see the spirit flowing through others. Flowing freely for some and imprisoned in others by the defilements of self-consciousness and fears of rejections. Yet never able to extinguish the spiritual force that yearns to break free from the ball and chains of the unrefined vessel. Steel bonds often feeling unbreakable, gripping malleable flesh and comparatively brittle bone. The unrefined imprisoned vehicle of the egoic separate self is not a prison whose inmates escape thru brute force. Though many attempt to do so. And they are left with only the feedback of cuts, bruises and broken bones as the lessons for their unwise course of action.

The journey to freedom and liberation is found through the desire to find those who can guide you to understand the weak links in the chains and the perseverance and discipline to develop the tools to learn how to chisel and to get better with practice every single day.

As the shackles are removed spirit is given the possibility to circulate. The pathways getting stronger every time this possibility exercised and spirit is granted the opportunity to flow.

Like melting ice caps sending water pouring over mountain ridges, birthing waterfalls, pooling into liquid chrysalises metamorphosing into rivers that carve away at the hardened earth, sculpting riverbanks that increase the volume and throughput of the raging force of spirit.

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