The Difference Between Fame in Silicon Valley Vs. Los Angeles

Yesterday I wrote a status about how fame is deferentially perceived in Silicon Valley vs Los Angeles, where I said:

Most people in Silicon Valley do not want to be famous in the way most people in Los Angeles want to be famous.

Most people in Los Angeles want to be PERSONALLY famous for THEMSELVES.

Most people in Silicon Valley want their PRODUCT & BRAND to be famous for THE WORLD.

Big Difference.

And then I left this footnote in the comments:

“I should add…at least, that’s the purported ethos of Silicon Valley. More later on the insidiously increasing self-serving hypocrisy growing in Silicon Valley.”

Which seemed to resonate as much as the status itself, so let’s talk about this.

But first we need to back up a little a bit and see the big picture.

We’ve now reached an INFLECTION POINT in our transition from the Industrial Era to the Information Era.

And this is big. There have only been 5 major stages in the DOMINANT MODE OF ECONOMIC PRODUCTION in all of human history.

1. Hunter / Gatherer Era 2. Horticultural Era 3. Agricultural Era 4. Industrial Era 5. Information Era. (There are arguably intermediate stages like the service economy).

And now Information Era companies are creating A MAJORITY OF THE ECONOMIC VALUE AND JOB GROWTH. Meanwhile, Industrial Era companies are doing everything they can to stay afloat, and most are cutting costs past the point of resiliency to maintain profit margins, or already bankrupt.

See Tech Stocks like Facebook, Apple, Google, Salesforce, VMware etc and industrial era companies like General Motors, Blockbuster and Tower Records. The 2008 financial crisis is also intimately connected to this epochal transition, way more than most people realize.

In the Information Economy, SILICON VALLEY HAS EMERGED AS THE PRIMARY GROWTH ENGINE. It is by far the leading geographic ecosystem driving the growth of the Information Economy.

So in some ways THE FUTURE OF THE GLOBAL ECONOMY DEPENDS ON SILICON VALLEY not getting its culture perverted as more and more money and attention flows into its ecosystem. And the amount of money and attention flowing into Silicon Valley hasn’t even begun to peak.

Much of the future is literally depending on us (Silicon Valley) to get our values, principles and culture right, wielding our power with integrity.

So that’s a rough contextual framing of the stage we’re talking about when we talk about why HOW SILICON VALLEY RELATES TO FAME AND ATTENTION MATTERS.

More to share in the coming weeks and months on specific instances of cultural perversions and the psychology behind the pathologies breeding in our culture.

And more importantly, what we can do to keep our culture strong and uphold OUR RESPONSIBILITY OF LEADING THE GLOBAL ECONOMY TOWARDS A BETTER, MORE PROSPEROUS WORLD.

“With great power comes great responsibility…

…This our gift. This our curse.

Who are we?

The linchpin of the world of tomorrow.”

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