The GOP Must Adapt or Die. I Predict Death

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It is truly fascinating to see the response of the GOP to their loss.

At many times in history nature will deliver species with an ultimatum:

Change or Die.

Interestingly the response of most species is not to change, but to redouble the same efforts that failed and just try harder!

Amazingly, the GOP seems unable to adapt.

Rather than actually looking at themselves in the mirror and questioning their failed positions, policies and strategies, they make excuses for their loss and plan to do more of the same.

Here are their excuses for the loss:

1) It was Hurricane Sandy’s fault!

2) Obama lied! And the liberal media fact checkers didn’t do their job!

Interestingly the article shows Republicans strayed far more frequently from the facts than the Democrats:

3) Karl Rove said “Obama won by suppressing the vote!”

Interestingly that was Karl Rove’s strategy. He appears to just think Obama stole his playbook and was better at using it. “There is no other explanation!”

Furthermore Rove gave no evidence for how Obama suppressed the vote, other than complaining about the truth of Obama’s attack ads.

And there’s plenty of evidence the GOP did suppress the vote, with VoterID laws and cutting the time period for early voting.

We humans are not adaptable as we proclaim to be.

I argue that no human truly has “free will” to adapt until they have transcended their ego and reached the beginning stages of enlightenment.

Until then, we are quite predictable. And I predict the death of the GOP.

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