The Integral Relationship Between Personality, Soul & God

Comment from a friend inspired me to do a little more explication of the spiritual model assembling in my unconscious.

Overall the lack of precision (or developmental immaturity) most people have around the concepts of Personality, Soul and God leads to a corresponding conflation of how they relate. (Even as an internally coherent theory or model – regardless of whether that’s how our objective reality actually functions).

One of the most important confusions of how these 3 concepts and constructs relate is their holonic interaction; Holon means something that is simultaneously a part and a whole. This is also known as the relationship between the “One” and the “Many”.

I think there may be a construct of a soul that has an eternal witness.

But the Personality almost assuredly does not have an eternal witness and the Soul does not have omnipotence, omniscience nor omnipresence. And I think it may fit for the signifier of God to refer to the (mathematical) integral of the totality of existence. (I like this definition because it transcends the rationalist critique of the traditional mythic Judeo-Christian religions that anthropomorphize God as a Man in the Sky).

This would make Soul a junior holon of God, make it a contributor to God’s omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence without participating in it because it is just a part of a puzzle that includes billions of pieces.

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