Transparadigmatic Evolution

So much yes to this transmission of wisdom.

I particularly appreciate the historical grounding here of how paradigm’s of physics are long lag harbingers of transformations in the paradigms of subjective thought.

This is a beautiful synthesis of the wisdom of the East and West and the developmental continuum that lies before us.

Yasuhiko is a self-described transdisciplinary, transparadigmatic entrepreneurial philosopher and I am a self-described transdisciplinary, transparadigmatic philosophical entrepreneur.


A significant aspect of the problem of the world overlooked.

That is, virtually all critical problems that we have today arise within the framework of duality (e.g., the haves vs. the have-nots) and virtually all discussions that we have in order to solve those problems arise within the framework of duality (e.g., capitalism vs. socialism).

Thus, the problem, the diagnosis, and the solution come to exist inside the same dualistic paradigm and the same antagonistic framework. Therefore we see two parties come together to fight over how to bring peace to the world.

The American Revolution took place as a societal expression of the Newtonian Scientific Revolution in the Age of Reason. We still think in the language of the 18th and 19th century. The language used and the logic expressed in economics and political “science” are still that of the Newtonian Age, and it is the language and logic of duality.

The next societal revolution, the societal revolution of the 21st century, will need a different language, a different logic, a different paradigm. As the American Revolution of the 18th century was an extension of the Scientific Revolution of the 17th and 18th centuries, so will be the next revolution an extension of the Quantum Revolution of the 20th century.

A new revolution that defines the 20th century began on December 14th, 1900, when the physicist Max Planck presented his work on black body radiation at the German Physical Society in Berlin, which led to the development of quantum physics that has had a profound, epochal, and lasting influence not only in the fields of physics, science, and human knowledge as such, but also in the very logic that underlies thought: “quantum logic” that transcends the seeming contradiction of quantum particles being simultaneously particular and wavier (in the quantum, not the classical, sense).

The ternary logic that transcends duality has existed for millennia in the East and the West, in the esoteric philosophical traditions, but the inquiry into this “quantum paradox” brought to the fore the transcendental ternary logic of ‘the included middle’—into the domain of rational discourses outside and beyond the obscure ancient esoteric spiritual philosophies or metaphysics. Transcending duality is no longer only a matter of individual “spiritual/philosophical enlightenment” but an urgent issue of collective societal transformation and evolution.

What I call the transparadigmatic omnicentric state of mind or consciousness and the omnicentric synarchical world are possible only when a significant percentage of humanity begins to think and act transdualistically. There are 6,000 distinct languages and 10,000 distinct ethnic cultures, and in-between there are 8,000 academic disciplines to study everything. It is utterly ridiculous and futile to try to centrally control the destiny of humanity and the world (“world government”). What is required is translinguistic, transcultural, and transdiciplinary approach for which the transparadigmatic mind is essential.

For this reason, within this transparadigmatic framework, I support everyone’s attempt at creating a new world in the spirit of alignment beyond agreement, while pursuing my individual path that is the creation and advancement of the omnicentric and synarchical freeorder in the world, for which second-tier free market economy is a partial precursor. Those who share the same orientation can join me. Those who do not, I support you wholeheartedly so long as you do not interfere with my/our path. An open and rational criticism is welcome. I/we will not interfere with your path, while I/we will reserve the right to offer you a constructive criticism.

There will arise a cooperative competition amongst various approaches and we will continue to dynamically integrate and improve what works from our and your approaches, while we will continue to discard what does not work. And thus we participate, in alignment beyond agreement, in the continual evolution of the world. – [source]

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