Why Falling out of Love Feels like Death

I wrote a comment on a friend’s wall a few days ago that had a lot of resonance, thought I’d re-share it here:


I wonder
how biology
can explain
the physical pain
you feel
in your chest
you long
to be
with someone.


I can get you close.

When you break up with someone you Love it is experientially similar to Death, because a Death is happening. Your Identities merged and now a part of that Identity is Dying.

So whatever is the Biological correlate to the Psycho-Spiritual pain experienced during the Death of a Loved one, is similar during a break up.

The longing for Love is almost the inverse of that.

You feel the Unrealized Potential of Identity Merging Love and that Unrealized Potential feels like death.

What is Dying is the Vision in your mind and heart not (yet) coming Alive.

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