Why Time Actually Flies

Lots of people are posting this article:http://maximiliankiener.com/digitalprojects/time/

However I think it’s Bullshit.

The creator of this project is relying on a theory of perception that Time Flies because we experience life as a fraction of total life experience.

Or Perception of Time flying by = Amount of Life Experience / Total Life Experience.

However, I would argue the experience of time flying is more likely a function of novelty or lack thereof.

Interestingly, these are correlated. Everything is novel when you’re born and most adults fall into patterns of stasis and experience little novelty. So this theory would seem to be correct for most boring adults, which are most adults.

But if you are continually challenging yourself and growing, time will not speed up.

Your adulthood will not flash before your eyes and be over in an instant.

And even that is just from the perspective of what Daniel Kahneman would call the Remembering Self.

Every moment can be experienced afresh and anew as the Experiencing self.

That is what emptiness practice in meditative traditions train you to do: Recognize that Self, Emotions, Thoughts, Time, are all a construction of mind that you can deconstruct and experience each moment anew as Fresh and Simple.

They call this the “Child in a Temple” or “Child’s Gaze”.

After the look of wonderment on a child’s face after they see the temple for the first time.

Or kind of like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GA9gEh1fLs

Anyway, growth begets novelty which begets a full life.

Don’t let your life flash before eyes because you’re comfortable.

That’s just your ego’s desire for survival winning over your soul’s desire for meaning and purpose

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