Chöd — cutting through confusion to the true nature of the culture wars

Enough Content has now been Invoked in the Field of my Facebook feed that people have revealed where they are coming from.

It is time to reveal and explain the Map that can make Order out of this appearing Chaos.

The essential idea of this Map is that all values, Beliefs, Thoughts, Emotions, Cultures, Systems and Institutions emerge out of a particular Field of Consciousness, that oscillates around a phase space like an electron cloud.

This is not a complete map of the Field of Consciousness, but rather a 2 dimensional projection of two of the most fundamental dimensions: Psychological Developmental Stages and State-Stages of Consciousness.

Other hidden variables, from this perspective, include domain specific Developmental Lines, Typological structures like personality, Shadow, and Trans-Incarational and Collective Karma.

On this map you will see 3 Rectangles.

The Red Rectangle represents the field of consciousness where most of my critics reside.

The Green Rectangle represents the field of consciousness where the people I seek to influence reside.

The Black Rectangle represents where those in the Red Rectangle perceive phenomena in the Green Rectangle to reside.

The Black Rectangle is also where most actual Misognysts, Racists and Nazis reside.

The phenomena where those in the Red Rectangle misclassify the Green Rectangle as the Black Rectangle is an instance of what is called the Pre/Trans Fallacy.

There are various properties inherent to the Terrain within the Red Rectangle that work together to create this particular Pre/Trans Fallacy.

One feature is Moral Absolutism. Those in the Red Rectangle don’t believe anything could possibly be more Evolved than their Perspective, so they improperly classify it as less Evolved than their Perspective.

Or in other words, “if you’re not for women’s rights in the way that has been deemed Morally Correct within the Red Rectangle, then you must be a Misogynistic, White Nationalist”.

This is aligned with the Post-Modernist Deconstructionist Project where all Vertical Structures are perceived to be Dominator Hierarchies, which must be collapsed to equal playing fields.

Those in the Red Rectangle will deny the Field of Consciousness exists as depicted by this Map. However, it is also a well studied feature of the Field of Consciousness that those in the Pluralistic Band will reject anything resembling Hierarchy. So arguing with people in the Red Rectangle about whether the Field of Consciousness exists is fruitless, unless they have some access to the Integral Band of Consciousness.

This angers those in the Red Rectangle because by stating that Reality effectively has a Perceptual Permission System, you are violating one of their Fundamental Values that Phenomena should Universally Accessible.

Furthermore, it is a feature of the Field of Consciousness that many people who reside within the Red Rectangle believe it is their mission in life to Deconstruct Hierarchy. So they really won’t like this Map.

However, it is worth noting that Deconstructing Dominator Hierarchies within the Black Rectangle is a worthy cause— the Rational and Mythic Bands of Consciousness.

Unfortunately, Mythic Structures and Integral Structures look the same to those in the Red Rectangle.

As a consequence, those within the Red Rectangle are simultaneously Healing the Past and Preventing the Future.

The Integral Band of Consciousness rejects overdone Deconstructionism and recognizes the Systemic Nature of Reality as Holarchical, rather than Hierarchical.

Holoarchy is a series of nested Holons. Holons are constructs that are simultaneously Parts and Wholes. So when we say Reality is Holarchical, we mean it is made up of Systems within Systems within Systems…

To accurately determine where one resides in the Field of Consciousness requires learning Integral Epistemology and Methodological Pluralism.

Therefore, if you are within the Red Rectangle you will be unable to employ methodology that is capable of correctly classifying people without committing Pre/Trans Fallacies.

Those in the Green Rectangle may or may not possess adequate methods of classifying people and phenomena within the Field of Consciousness, but precise accuracy requires considerable skill, attunement and error correction methodologies. Nonetheless, low-precision intuitive classification is reliable and valuable.

I hope this is illuminating to those of you in the Green Rectangle.

To those of you in the Red Rectangle…

I hope you will turn your energies to Deconstructing Hierarchies that are actually in the Black Rectangle and stop wasting your Precious Energy on me.