Dancing at Burning Man Decompression

Burning Man Decompression in October:

I’d been dancing hard for hours, was a bit worn out, and the music took an interesting intense monotonous pacing, so I ended up channeling some King of the Jungle energy.

“This is 45-caliber flow
Pound my chest like a gorilla so all the other savages know
I’m ravenous though, Jack you with the ratchet for dough” – Vinnie Paz

I’m not always this intense, I promise ;-)…well, I usually am with myself, and I like to transmute this energy in my Being into physical form thru dance…but when interacting with others I usually adapt my energy to meet others with an energy that would serve them and our connection.

(H/T to Brita Grothe for capturing & Leyna Brabantand Adam Leonard for being a great dancing crew all night)

— at Decompression, Sf.

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