Social Media Neck Out

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Just so it’s clear, in poetic outlook…

I’ve received a lot shit for my writing on Facebook

The effect is grating, like a chef preparing to cook

It wears on me a little bit, Disappoints me a little bit, Hurts me a little bit

But I will not quit

I will not die a death of a thousand cuts

I am molding myself into a Warrior who can get stabbed in the gut

And still walk with an indomitable strut

I welcome the opportunity of intensifying the feeling

Of trying to get pushed off my life purpose

Like hooking a shark with a fishing pole, you’re not strong enough, keep reeling

I understand how people let their friends, family and a myriad of social pressures

Compel them back to “acceptable behavior” and conventional measures

How one chooses to react to my writing style reveals a lot about our connection

I urge you now to make your self-selection

Because my flame will only continue to burn brighter

When my temperature inevitably goes higher

Do you want to run away or hold me tighter?

Do we resonate? Are you we in it for the long haul? Are you in or you out?

If we’re not aligned, make it clear now

So I can conserve my precious water and turn right on the spout

Or drink my water, hold my hand and let’s let out a scream and a shout

And show the whole world what the fuck we’re about

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