Diet Cheat Days are for Wimps

[Diet] Cheat days are for wimps.

Eating poorly is a sign of ignorance, lack of self-respect, and/or lack of self-discipline.

It is okay if you don’t have those capacities in sufficient strength yet.

It is not okay if you’re not working on developing those capacities everyday.

Cheat days are for those who don’t have a Strong Enough Reason for WHY they are ALIVE.

Engaging in any form of damaging short term indulgence is a demonstration of your lack of COMMITMENT or SKILLFUL PURSUIT of your LIFE PURPOSE.

Mistakes are much more acceptable than cheat days. You can correct mistakes with behavioral psychology techniques like Neuro-Linguistic Programming. With mistakes, at least you’re not CONSCIOUSLY giving yourself PERMISSION to be LESS than YOU ARE.

My diet is dialed 24/7.


(This was originally posted on Facebook where a lively comment thread erupted)

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