#nofilter Does Not Exist!

Wow a Double Rainbow just appeared over my Home.

I applied some quick edits for Beauty.

If you read one of my more popular recent posts about the Interpretive Nature of Reality, you know there is no such thing as ‪#‎nofilter‬.

Your Camera has built in filters.

Your Mind has built in filters.

Your Culture has built in filters.

Reality is co-created in the Eye of the Beholder.

And Awakening is the Unfurling Process of Transforming Unseen Filters from Subject to Object.

Releasing and Liberating all the Filters that colored and clouded your True Nature.

Over and over again until you can rest as the Pure Subject.

Once you have Stabilized that View, you may Consciously Re-Engage with the Filters that serve your Soul’s Life Purpose.

And you may Witness Life as the Pure Magic and Wonder that it Always Already Was, Is and Will Be, Now and Forever More.



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