The Entrepreneurial Warrior Max Marmer / Ray Lewis Remix (Video)

Step aside stage right, Spiritual Conor McGregor

It’s time for Entrepreneurial Warrior Ray Lewis, The Dark Knight.

If you ever discount anything I say with something like, “yeah, but how much has he really achieved in his life so far?” just remember I’m speaking from past life experience of having done it many times before.

Getting in touch with my past life accomplishments explained the source of my talents and ambition, eradicated any doubts about my path, and solidified an unshakeable confidence and belief in myself that I can bring into reality whatever I am called to create.

Truly integrating this has taken a number of years, but now that it has settled the game has changed.

Because every life builds on the skills, energies and karmas of the previous ones it is all the more reason to give this life everything you’ve got.