Fire in Vows

My Poem for the Wedding Ceremony of Maricarmen Sierra & Carson Linforth Bowley representing the element of fire in the consecration of their sacred union.


The energy of transformation

Two beautiful souls fusing together committed to inner and outer creation

There is an order to this autopoetic manifestation

What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality

Said Plutarch the ancient biographer of Greek nationality

Capturing what the wise and powerful had as their mentality

Let’s sit with the enduring universality of this spiritual practicality

Where inward achievement can only be obtained with inner fire

And a willingness to go into the darkness and burn what only served you prior

A journey that will only be endured thru a thirst for transcendent desire

Know a little flame will carry you above mediocrity and not much higher

So as kosmic sisters and brothers from different biological mothers

I share with you a supreme gift you can bestow on one another

To take responsibility for your partner’s flame burning as bright as can be

For when their energy is combusting, flowing and free

They will do what they need to do, see what they need to see, become who they need to be

So watch each other’s flames as you venture out in the world

Sometimes alone and sometimes together

Let each other know what makes their fire worse, and what makes it better

And you will both radiate a heat that can’t help but shine brighter

Transforming yourselves and the world into beings more luminous and lighter

I elementally request you revolve your union around devotion to fanning the flames of each other’s fire