Mindset for Knocking Out New Workout Goals: 1K Situps

1,000 sit ups in under 21 minutes.

At the start of the year my isolated ab workout consisted of a 1 rep max of 150 sit-ups.

I heard Arnold Schwarzenegger talk about doing 1,000 sit ups in a session, and thought, “I want to do that, too”.

So at the start of the year I started increasing my 1 rep max and then doing multiple reps at that level.

A few weeks ago my max was doing 3 200-rep sets.

Tonight, I felt the warrior energy coursing though my veins and went for it:



Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

The key is you need to learn how to shut up that voice in your head that is telling you to stop, that is telling you to avoid discomfort, avoid pain.

Emptiness Meditation dissolves this voice and its role in the Ordinary Mind.

But the Trekchö approach of throughly cutting through, is when that voice arises, you say “you’ll have to kill me” and then it’s done.

Changing your relationship to Death and seeing it for what it Truly Is, is one of those recurring patterns to breaking free from the Matrix of Ordinary Reality.

“I think, personally, that having a vision is the most important thing for one’s success,” Schwarzenegger said. “If I wouldn’t have had a vision, I wouldn’t be standing here today…

…I saw myself very clearly, and I was so convinced that if I started training up to five hours a day like a fanatic, believing, that one day I will get there,” he said. “When people saw me working out five hours a day, smiling, having a great time they all thought this guy must be crazy … but I couldn’t wait to lift another 500 pounds, I couldn’t wait to do 100 chin ups, I couldn’t wait to do another 1,000 sit ups because every day, every step of the way, every weight I lifted was taking me one step closer to turning this vision into a reality.”