Pushing Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Limits

I just worked out for 90 minutes in nothing but compression shorts in under 50-degree weather

And it was fucking great.

At the end of my workout I got inspired to add burpees to my routine, which I haven’t done in awhile. I looked up what a challenging number was, they said “do 100 burpees in under 20 minutes”.

“Okay, bring it.”


Before I started my last set of 20 I incanted, “you’ll have to kill me before I give up. Try to make me puke. I got this.”

Boom. Done!

Everyone is talking about Wim Hof these days.

But it’s nothing new.

I’m a Tibetan Buddhist. We’ve been doing this shit for lifetimes.

It’s called inner fire. Tummo.

Look it up.

He’s not citing his sources well enough.

Tibetan monks have been meditating in icy caves for centuries.

Tibetan monks can dry a wet towel on their back.

And Wim Hof has stripped the practices of their spiritual tradition.

The spiritual tradition is a critical asset not a detriment.

My friend Farsam said we should call him Rip Hoff.

I caution you in practicing his methods.

You may accidentally turn on your Kundalini.

Pop a circuit of Ordinary Conscious.

And end up in a pseudo-psychedelic-spiritual state, unable to interpret your experience and end up in a psych ward and on meds for a few months.

A few weeks ago when the cold plunge at the Banya was extra cold in the mid 40 degrees I did two 13 min sets back to back after defrosting in the hot tub.

Last year after coming back from a meditation retreat when the cold plunge was closer to the top of its range in the low 50 degrees I set my personal record at 33 minutes.

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