A lesson in tantra: we’re not talking about sex

We’re talking about ENERGY!!

Here’s the Critical Context you need to know:

Do not attempt this practice yourself unless you have Stabilized Emptiness and a Teacher who has confirmed you have sufficient Mastery…

And even that is only one of many Prerequisites.

I’m merely showing you what’s possible.

Most meditation paths are flaccid like a limp dick.

Asceticism is definitely not a 21st century Leading Edge.

However, celibacy is useful for those with sexual fixations.

I’m concerned about the all the Tantrikas in the New Age community out there practicing Tantra divorced from sacred Tibetan Buddhist or Vedic Tantric tradition and lineage.

Practicing the sexual frequencies of Tantra without Stabilizing Awakening will send your Spiritual Progress Backwards for Years.

True Tantra must be the Union of Form and Formlessness.

If you want to walk the path of True Tantra you must Cultivate Bodhicitta otherwise if you try to access this Energy for your own Selfish Gain, you will be Attacked by Energies in the Subtle Realm like this year’s Suicidal Effigy at Burning Man.

Heed this warning. This is not theory. I have friends who have been hit with Mania, Strokes and Physical Injury.

“Bodhicitta is a spontaneous wish to attain enlightenment motivated by great compassion for all sentient beings, accompanied by a falling away of the attachment to the illusion of an inherently existing self.”

*The demons I was referring to are also called Dharma Protectors or Wrathful Deities.

Ultimately, you want to be an Empty Vessel free of Energetic Content, with the Capacity to Access whatever Energy is called for in the Moment based on Intention and Higher Will.


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