I should make myself available to provide some coaching

I realized today I should make myself available to provide some coaching.

Since I started writing actively again I’ve been engaging in a lot of coaching related conversations in private messages.

And I’d to like offer the proper container for this work.

Whatever your biggest challenges are in life right now, I can probably support you with new perspectives, tools and practices to overcome what is currently in your way and give you more peace, freedom and clarity on your soul’s journey.

If you’re in the Bay Area there is also the option of meeting in person in Marin where I can incorporate healing bodywork as another modality to clearing energetic blockages and whatever is keeping you from the fullest expression of yourself.

I’m building a new company right now, so I’m making myself available for just 2 new people right now, and we’ll see if I have the space for more people in my current schedule.

If exploring doing some coaching work together interests you send me a private message on Facebook.
In the comments below I’ll also add a link to my coaching page that elaborates more about my process along with a number of endorsements.

Personal Coaching