Making progress towards a grand unification theory of everything

Nice! I just figured out a key missing ontological construct to explain how Time Travel works.

Unifying Spiritual Claims about Simultaneous Time with the intractable problems of forward and backward causality in Physics (the killing your grandfather problem).

It has to do with the conversion process between Energy, Information and Matter as they move between the Gross, Subtle, Causal…(and higher and subtler) realms.

And how to use multi-dimensional Developmental Constraints to enable the Computational Conservatism/Pruning required to support Parallel Universe Hypotheses, reining in the infinite branching problem.

The model (which I created part of 2 years ago) also posits a 10 dimensional space (possibly more) like many variants of String Theory, but unlike most of those models, these higher dimensions actually have Correspondence and Coherence to validated Phenomena in Reality.

What I mean by that is, it is possible to tap into these higher dimensions in your First Person Phenomenological Experience via Meditation. Whereas in String Theory these higher dimensions are just weird Mathematical Abstractions that don’t seem to provide any real explanatory utility beyond the 4th or 5th dimension.

In the model I’m proposing, you get the first 10 dimensions by taking the conventional 4 dimensions in the gross Realm (3D + Time), the same 4 in the Subtle Realm, 1 more in the Causal Realm, and 1 more from a 5th dimensional time folding dimension — 4+4+1+1 = 10.

See, String Theory doesn’t know what to do with all the dimensions their mathematical equations predict beyond the 4th dimension. But the math actually exactly alludes to the model I’m proposing here:

“It’s not so hard to construct higher dimensional worlds using the Einstein equations. But the question is then: WHY BOTHER?
It’s because physicists dream of a unified theory: a single mathematical framework in which all fundamental forces and units of matter can be described together in a manner that is internally consistent and consistent with current and future observation.
And it turns out that having extra dimensions of space makes it possible to build candidates for such a theory.

Extra dimensions in string theory:

Superstring theory is a possible unified theory of all fundamental forces, but superstring theory requires a 10 dimensional spacetime, or else bad quantum states called ghosts with unphysical negative probabilities become part of the spectrum.
Now this creates a problem in d=10 string theory: how to get the d=4 world as we know it out of the theory.”
– ( Patricia Schwarz, PhD Physicist, CalTech,

This is not a bug, it is a feature! :

“Bad quantum states called ghosts with unphysical negative probabilities become part of the spectrum”.

It is pointing to the existence of the Subtle Realm but which the theoretical physicists can’t see because they don’t have access to the Subtle Realm in their own personal experience and thus no conceptual framework for making sense of this data which is right in front of their noses!

The problem is that they only believe the Gross Realm of Matter exists and have negated all the other Realms of Reality.

I’m more Philosopher & Systems Theorist than Physicist or Mathematician, so I don’t know yet how to translate an Ontological insight (like Einstein’s thought experiment of the speed of light relative to the bullet train) into a mathematical model that can be experimentally validated, but I suspect I can enroll some physicist friends at some point.

Psychographic entry criteria to fully follow the logic behind the model construction yourself: mastery of AQAL integral theory, deep understanding of evolutionary developmental systems theory, an intermediate understanding of theoretical physics and universe as quantum computer, a taste of all-at-once-ness in the post-awakening stabilization stages of meditation, a spiritual lineage with a rigorous soul development model.

So most challengingly the people who can fully comment on my work at the theoretical level I can probably count on one hand.

I may literally be the only person in the world (right now) with sufficient knowledge and training in all 6 of those aforementioned domains. A couple close friends have 4-5.

But many can contribute through mastery in any of the integrated dimensions to point out what insights are not being taken into account or what problems still need to be solved. Or through other paths that I have not travelled that lead to a similar ‘deep structure’ conclusion with a different ‘surface structure’. An example of a path that I am told is able to do this that I have not walked very far down is the indigenous plant medicine path.

And with my ‘alone on the mountaintop analogy’, I am also pointing to the truth that in a legitimate sense we are all, all alone on our own mountaintop.

Nobody has your exact life experiences, your exact karma, your exact genetic code, your exact combination of lineages and methodologies you accumulated through your lifetimes of experience. And from your own unique mountaintop you have the vantage point to glean your own unique perspective on reality.

The key distinction is what is ‘surface structure’ and what is ‘deep structure’…and ‘What Level of Deep Structure can you see’. i.e. From your mountain top do you just see Newtonian Mechanics or can you see General Relativity. Can you see General Relativity before anyone else like Einstein, or can you see it after Einstein showed us all how to climb that mountain? How clearly can you see from that mountain do you just see hazy outlines of truth or can you see the minuté details and mathematically not just metaphorically explain causal relationships?

What is described here is the time-tested process of how theoretical novelty is generated: new multidisciplinary integration is akin to climbing a new unseen mountain, getting to the top and looking out at the horizon and observing what is now blatantly clear from this new vantage point.

Now I’ve just got to find others who want to climb this mountain so we can collaborate and make further sense of what is possible to see from here.


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