Scientific Study on the Neuroscience of Awakening

The Tibetan Buddhist Lineage I study in just published a study putting 40 of their top students in a controlled EEG experiment to map the Neuro-Correlates of Awakening.

This is a landmark milestone to spreading these incredibly potent teachings to a much wider audience.

To date, nearly all the neuroscience studies on meditation have looked at Beginner Meditative States like Basic Concentration and Mindfulness.

This study investigated the Neurocorrelates of Awakening which is probably the most important state of consciousness in all of Buddhism and all of Spiritual Practice.

For when Awakening is Stabilized the Magnetic Force of Suffering in life is replaced by a new Pole of Attraction — one of Liberation, Goodness, Truth and Beauty.

Stabilizing Awakening is the Point of Meditation.

Or said in more elaborated form:

The point of meditation is to move beyond the confines of the illusory separate self into a stabilized state of Awakened Awareness (and eventually Enlightenment) where you experience the cessation of all suffering, the flourishing of all positive states, tap into the boundless bliss, power and knowledge of Infinite Reality and live your life in such away that you bring as many people as possible with you into this State of Being, for you know everything and everyone is Indivisibly You.

Considering that in today’s culture, ideas and practices spread with much greater speed when they are backed by ‘evidence-based western scientific methods’, I am very pleased this study was conducted, as if there’s one thing this world needs more than anything else it may very well be more humans with stable access to Awakened Awareness.