Notes From My Coaching on Purpose & Awakening

Just did an hour long coaching session with an old friend who is now on path to purpose and awakening after a couple years of struggle and disempowerment.

Here’s a summary of some of the topics, processes and insights we covered:

I share, because I’m going to become increasingly busy in the coming months and writing is a way to scalably communicate:

– Goals for 3, 6, 12 months.

– The Power of Full Engagement and Getting Things Done as the two most important frameworks for being insanely productive. Energy Management and Time Management.

– Finding the biggest energetic block (A bad breakup a few years ago)

– Cleaning up that energetic block as the highest leverage way to increase communication skills and charisma, which will greatly improve work performance as a musician. (Call the ex and forgive her, for you, so you can be free)

– Taking responsibility for traumas (You chose to have that person in your life)

– The power of language. Understanding difference between objective events and subjective story. All emotional pain is mostly inflicted on us by ourselves. Especially as an adult.

– Using a morning ritual and reading a personalized text document everyday to instantiate new beliefs and behaviors.

– Being empowered or disempowered is not as much a structural fixed thing, but a moment to moment state. Every moment we can choose to be in our power or not. Every moment is an opportunity to shrink into our small self or step into our big self.

– Reaching our potential or our destiny is the summation of progress on a day to day basis. Every day is an opportunity to get better.

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